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Love Struck Again



Weeks Before Chloe Carmichael Arrival Missy His Old Girlfriend Who Brooke His Heart And Moves Away From Dimmesdale And Ever Since He Was Broken Hearted Which Cause Him To Snaps Angry At His Loyal Maybe A Little mischievous Dog Spraky To Feel Sad And Ran Away

Which Leaves Timmy Totally Destroyed  On The Inside Even More Until He Forgot All That By Chloe Carmichael  Arrival At His Elementary School And He Had A Little Bait Problem With Making Friends With Chloe Until They Get Along And Maybe To The Next Level



Friday Night At 2 AM

At The Night At The Turner House Timmy Was Totally Prepared For His  Second friend anniversary During The Weekends With Chloe But He Got A Little Bait Troubled With Sleep Timmy couldn't Have sleep. No matter what he tried, his brain forced him to stay awake. He found himself staring out of his window and staring into the starry dark blue sky. He would occasionally move his eyes to focus To the window across from his. Side window belonged to his best friend, neighbor, and the girl Who shares his magical faries With Him. Chloe Carmichael. Who Has A  blonde hair, blue eyes, and a  perfect smile. He glanced at his alarm clock on the nightstand next to his bed. it was 2:00 AM. Timmy sighed to himself and returned his eyes back to the window. Thoughts kept running through his mind as he stared into the deep, star filled sky. No matter what he thought of, his mind always returned back to his energetic friend. As he stared through the window he saw movement in Chloe's window. She woke up. He watched her silhouette sit itself on the edge of her bed, reaching on her nightstand near her bad and grabbing a pen and a book. The book she appeared to be her diary. Even though Timmy couldn't read her diary through his window, he thought he should give her privacy. He layed down on his bed and within minutes, he drifted off to sleep.

Chloe that same night

Chloe woke up in the middle of the night. She couldn't find out  what woke her though, her room was dead silent. She lays in her bed thinking to herself, hoping that her thoughts would help her fall back asleep. This failed however, she couldnt seem to empty her head of her thoughts or more or less thought. Chloe's mind always seemed to somehow always focus on a boy. The boys name was Timmy Turner. with brown hair, blue eyes, and sparkly white Bucky tooth.

She had been sharing her fairy god parents with Timmy for nearly a Two year For now. She has his fairies due to the fact that she tries to make the world a better place, but they somehow always fail. Most people only see the good sections of her actions, but as stated before, her good intentions don't always end so good. It was currently 2:00 AM. Chloe needed something to do to take her mind off Timmy. She pulled her diary off the shelf. As she looked at the cover of the diary, she smiled slightly. Chloe opened her diary to look at the inside cover. She had a picture of her, Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda relaxing at the park on a nice, warm, summer day, having a picnic on a white and red checkered-patterned blanket. She sighed slightly and turned to the closest blank page, and began to write

“Chloe's Diary Sequence”

Dear Diary,

It's been almost Two year since I started sharing Cosmo and Wanda with Timmy. Although he seemed kind of petty over sharing his fairies with another child at first, he turned out to be a really sweet boy. Sure he may get a little hot headed at times, but when his friends need him most, he is always there. I've never really had a real friend before I met Timmy, and tell you the truth? I wouldn't ask for another best friend. I've been thinking about Timmy more and more recently. I couldn't tell you why though.

Something about him just catches my eye lately. Maybe it's his clothes? No, those are the same pink clothes he's always worn. I don't honestly know. What is it that I love about him? Wait. What did I just say? Love? Do I love Timmy Turner? No..Of course not! I'm just tired Yeah But every time I close my eyes to try to get some sleep, I immediately see him. No Way Just keep it together Chloe. Sleep deprivation can do weird things to people. That's the ONLY reason you're thinking like this. There is NO possibility of you falling in love with Timmy. Anyway diary, I should at least try to get some sleep. I bet you that by the time I wake up tomorrow, I won't be thinking about him like this.

Signed Chloe.

And soon enough, Chloe was asleep. Unaware of Timmy watching her through his window from across the street.’

“Timmy Dream Sequences ”

It was the day before their wedding as a twenty-five year old Timmy Turner was holding hands with his beloved fiancée, his blonde haired twenty-five year old girlfriend, Chloe Carmichael. Timmy was still wearing the pink hat, though it was slightly modified as his hair was more combed down... and Timmy was wearing more of a pink and blue shirt, with blue jeans. The only difference was that his buck teeth had slightly shrunk down a bit, and while they were still a bit there slightly, it was still Timmy Turner.

As for Chloe, her hair was still combed straight as it was, and her face was as tan as it was. The pink bow she usually wore was more behind her hair than on top, and the little gap between her teeth seemed to have been filled in nicely, giving a nice, perfect smile. Chloe was now wearing a yellow sundress, with her purple sandals now being purple high heels.

A crowd had gathered around a church, containing Timmy's friends and family, and Chloe's friends and family that they've made over the years as the wedding march began to play.

Everyone turned as Chloe, now wearing a beautiful white bride dress, holding a bouquet of red roses came walking down the aisle, her father holding her arm as the two marched down the aisle as Chloe's father led his daughter to the alter as she went up next to Timmy as the priest began to speak.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the union of man and woman. If anyone has any objections as to why these two should not be joined in holy wedlock, let them speak now or forever hold their peace." The preacher started

After a couple moments of silence, it became clear that nobody was going to object to this... not even the oddly colored objects that were watching Timmy and Chloe, hiding close to the background. As the preacher went on, a green flower leaned close to a pink flower, as if happy to see these two getting married off.

After some time, the preacher looked between the two. "Do you, Timothy Turner, take this woman to be your lawfully, wedded wife, to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health, so long as both of you shall live?"

"I do." Timmy smiled, looking at his blushing bride.

"And do you, Chloe Carmichael, take this man to be your lawfully, wedded husband, to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health, so long as both of you shall live?" The preacher asked Chloe.

"I do." Chloe said as she focused her sights on the handsome groom in front of her.

After that, the preacher smiled as he gave the 'father, son, holy spirit' prayer. "Then, by the power vested in me, I know pronounce you man and wife! You may kiss the bride."

Timmy and Chloe looked so happy as they leaned and started to get close to a kiss as...



Friday Moring At 12 PM

Timmy Wakes Up Screaming

Wanda Asks : What Up With Blood Curdling Scream Sport

Cosmo Asks : Are You Still Dreaming About You Report Card Again And Again

Timmy Says: It Was More Horrible Than That I Dream That I Was At The Ceremony And I Am Marrying Chloe

Timmy Had Meltdown

Comso Hit Timmy Head With Hus Wand

Wanda Remarks : Relax Sport It Not Like The End Of The World And Beside You Could End Up With Chloe Me And Chloe That Impossible Timmy Says

Cosmo Remarks : Normally I Disagree With Wanda But Maybe You Could Take Chloe To Nice Dinner

Wanda Nodded : I Cant Believe I Am Saying This Timmy But Cosmo Right For Once

Cosmo Says: Yeah  

Timmy Nodded : Hm It Seems Logically But You Right One Dinner Couldn’t Making Anything Right  

Timmy Says: Come On Cosmo And Wanda What Are Waiting For We Have Lunchtime With Chloe   

Saturday Noun At 4 PM 

Over at a park in Dimmsdale, the sun was setting as Timmy and Chloe were sitting underneath the shade of a tree, an empty picnic basket nearby as the two of them were watching the sunset.

“You know, Timmy, you didn’t have to go through all the trouble to set this up…” Chloe said, looking over at him.

“I know, but I wanted to.  Besides, this whole setting up thing I didn’t quite do alone…” Timmy said, looking over at Cosmo and Wanda, who were now birds sitting on the tree branch.

“Yeah, you only wished for a few things to set up.  Not quite too hard once you know the basics!” Cosmo smiled.

“Still, to think you of all people would set this up…” Wanda said, looking at Timmy.  “I have to admit, you were pretty mature to invite Chloe up here…”

“Really, it was no issue.  Besides, Chloe here is part of the family.  And after all, isn’t helping a family member what we do?” Timmy asked as he looked over at Chloe and smiled.

“I really feel welcomed, Timmy.  Again, thanks.” Chloe said, pulling him into a hug.

Timmy gave a smile as he hugged her back.  “It was no trouble at all, Chloe.”

The two of them sighed as they settled down with each other before turning towards the sunset.  "It's a really nice sunset, Timmy..."

"Of course.  I wouldn't want to spend time watching it with anyone but the people I love... including you..." Timmy smiled, nuzzling against her face.

Chloe smiled, nuzzling his face right back as they sighed happily.

The two pretty much held each other with their hug as the sun was setting down.  Wanda noticed how close they were getting as she turned to Cosmo, who was now getting bored of the sunset and was now juggling three balls using his wings.  “Cosmo, are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“Maybe, but how did they coat that Tootsie Roll bar with the hard colored rock candy and put it on a stick?” Cosmo asked as Wanda only took a slight glance at him, rolling her eyes.

“No, no, Cosmo.  I mean, I think Timmy and Chloe think of each other as… more than they believe.” Wanda said, pointing out Timmy and Chloe still in their hugging pose, Chloe nuzzling her head toward’s Timmy’s cheek, though he doesn’t quite notice.

“Oh…” Cosmo said, looking at the two.  “You don’t think…”

“It could be possible, but we don’t know yet for sure… guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens…” Wanda said as the fairies continue to watch their two godkids cuddle towards each other.  "But it is very sweet of these two, I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up together."

"Yeah, it's crazy, but I think it just might work..." Cosmo laughed.

As they watched Timmy and Chloe holding each other in their arms, Wanda nodded and smiled as she couldn't agree more with Cosmo.


Sunday Moring At 12 PM

Timmy Turner Wakes Up By The Sound Of Singing Birds When He Was Totally Prepared For Trixie Tang Big Valentine Weekend Party At Disney Land  Wanda Asks

Wanda: Hey Sport What Tuxedo For

Cosmo: Are You Going Camping Again ?

Timmy: No Trixie Has Booked A Big Celebration Party At Disney Land And She Gave Me An V.I.P You What That Means

Cosmo: Candy And Sugar 

Wanda: No Cosmo It Means Timmy Has Finally Will Get A Kiss From Trixie

Timmy: Yep This Will Be The Happiest Day Of My Life The Day That I Kiss The Brightest Girl In Dimmesdale Elementary And Her Name Is Trixie Tang YEAH   

Wanda: But What About Chloe

Timmy: Ah Forgot

Wanda: Timmy But She The One Who Believes In One And Beside If You Leave She Wouldn’t Have Any Friends To Hang Out With

Timmy: Maybe You Right Let Me Check Cupid “The God Of Love” Cosmo And Wanda I Wish I Was At Cupid Mansion

Cosmo And Wanda Waves Their Wand And Poof At Cupid Mansion Timmy Says

Timmy: Hey Cupid

Cupid: Ah It The Average Kid Makes The Last Valentine Day The Worst Valentine Day Ever

Timmy: Would You Predicate The Future For Me

Cupid: Sorry Kid Cupid Is Off The Market I Been Working My Tissue Of And I Need A Vaction

Timmy: Please

Cupid: Ah You Checks Look Cute Ok I Will Help You

Cupid Waves His Wand To Poof A TV And Show Timmy His Valentine Girl

Timmy Valentine  Will Be  Trixie Tang ,

Timmy: Awesome I Finally Got To Date Trixie

Cupid: But There Some Consequences

Timmy:  Consequences What Consequences?

Cupid: My Predications Cannot Last Or Remain Ture Forever

Timmy: What Do You Mean By That

Cupid:  just because this is a future I show you... doesn't mean the future can be accurate. Sometimes, futures can be rewritten.

Timmy: Can Be Rewritten Sounds Interesting Nope Cosmo And Wanda I Wish I Was Back Home

Cosmo And Wanda Waves Their Wands And Poof Back Home While Cupid Remarks

Cupid: Poor Little Kid Always Falls For The Crazy Ones Anyways I Am Going Into A Vaction

Back At Home

Timmy: I Can’t Believe I Finally Have A Future With Trixie But What He Means About Changing

Wanda: I Will I Don’t Know Sports About That But We Shall Wait And Figure Out By Ourselves

Chloe  Carmichael Came In And Interrupts 

Chloe : I Am Here Timmy And I Cannot Wait To Go Owl Watching Ah Why The tuxedo

Timmy: Oh Hi Chloe I Am Ready for Trixie Tang Big Party and I Got My Golden V.I.P invitation Haven’t You Got Yours

Chloe: I Receive It Mail And Throws It Away

Timmy: Why

Chloe: Because I Hate Her She Is Snobbish And   narcissist

Timmy: No She Not She Is Beautiful

Timmy Looks At A Photo Of Trixie Hanging In His Wall

Chloe: Oh Please Timmy She Looks Like Someone Has Being Eating A Tuna And Barf It Off

Timmy: Will Maybe You Are Jealous

Chloe: No I Am Not

Timmy: Yes You Are

Chloe: Fine Whatever You Say

Timmy: Fine Come On Cosmo And Wanda Lets Leave Jealous Chloe And Go To Trixie Party With My Parents

Chloe: No So Fast Timmy We Agrees That I Have Fairies On Sunday

Timmy: Fine Take Them With You Home

Timmy Dad Came In And Cosmo And Wanda shape-shift In Fish

Mr. Turner Oh Timmy  Are Ready For You Party With You Rich Date With Trixie Who Looks More Beautiful Than You Mother Did You Take My Advice ?

Timmy : Yeah Sure Dad

Mrs. Turner: You Know Timmy You Remind Me A Lot Like Dad When He Marries Me I Was The Richest Girl In Town And He Was Just Like You An Average Kid That No Ones Understands

Timmy :Is It That Ture

Mr. Turner: You Bet

Timmy: Ah Will Ok

Mrs. Turner: Great I Will Get The Car Key

Mr. Turner : And I Go With You

Cosmo And Wanda Shape Shift Into Their Normal Selves

Timmy: You Where My Dad Farriers Too

Wanda: Yes But We Didn’t Want To Hurt You Feelings

Cosmo: We Where Also Walt Disney Fairies Too What A Coincidence Huh 

Timmy: Crocker Dad Walt Diseny God Parents

Wanda: That Ture

Cosmo: And We Where Also Shrek Fairies Too Just Like The Selfie I Took With Him Around 2002

Timmy: Ok The World Just Got A Lot Bait Weirder I Will GO to The Party While You Keep An Eye At Chloe

Chloe: Good Bye Timmy Turner What Makes You Happy Makes Me Happy It All My Fault I Should Ship Timmy And Trixie Togther “Crying”

At The Diseny  ROYAL BALLL

Cheta Ubetcha : Ladies and gentlemen. Presenting Timmy Turner And His Future Miss Dimmesdale Trixie Tang

Timmy And Trixie Arrived Holding Hands By Timmy Dad Broken Car

Mr. Turner: I Hope You Have A Great Date With Trixie I Need To Go The Garage And Fix My Broken Car

Mrs. Turner: Our Son Has Finally Growing Up

Mr.Turner: That Why I Am Recording This For Future Generations What Is Happing My Face Is Leaking Somebody Can Gave Me A Hankie

Mrs. Turner: Anyway Have Fun Timmy

Cheta Ubetcha : Ladies And Gentleman This Is The Arrival Of And Timmy Turner And Trixie Tang I Ship Them Both And This Is Just In Timmy Dad Has A Broken Car Ouch

Back At Timmy Room

Chloe Was Laying On Timmy Bed Watching The News And Crying On Her Pillow

Cosmo : Wow She Brooke The Recorad For 6 Hours  Of The Biggest Crybaby In The World

Wanda: Cheer Up Chloe You Been Crying All Night It Bedtime Now Maybe His Not That Spiecal Someone Who Been Looking For

Chloe: But He Is The Speical Someone I Have Been Looking For Now He Kisses Trixie At Party I Will Never Talk To Me Again And I Don’t Know If I Can Handle It

Wanda: But When You First Got Close Timmy And Trixie Togther You Make Them So Happy And That What Really Matters

Cosmo: Yeah Look At The Bright Side Chloe You Cannot Just Brooke Them Together

Chloe: Break Them Together That It Cosmo I Still Feel Like Timmy Is Still Have Feeling For Me And If I Crash Trixie Party And Convince Him Other Wise It Might Work And Timmy And I Will Lovebirds Forever

Wanda: You Know Chloe Cosmo Idea Might Work

Cosmo: Yeah That Mean I Am Smart

Wanda: Yes Sweetie


Chloe: Clam Down Cosmo Look Cosmo And Wanda I Have A Plan

At The Party

Britney- Britney Is The Lead Singer Of The Show While Timmy And Trixie Are Having The Night Of Their Lives Dancing

While Chloe Is Passing Through The Gates And Door Into The Castle Crashing The Party And Security Guards With Her Noble Stead Cosmo And Her Shelled Wanda

Chloe Said: Stop

Chloe Approach’s And Asks Timmy For A Favor

While Timmy Is Standing In The Middle Between Chloe And Trixie

Chloe: Timmy You Don’t Have Too Do This You Don’t Have TO Kiss Trixie


Timmy And Chloe Accidentally In Love Tribute

Here A Tribute For Timmy And Chloe Fans I Spent A Hole Month Working On Some Changes Detail Until It Complete Some People You Know Could Feel Annoyed About Chloe Don't Blame The Characters Blame The Creators And Writers Of The Show I Don't Mean To Hate On Butch Hartman Since His The Creator Of Our Amazing World Of Magic And Childhood And He Tottaly leaves The Door Open For Shipper Around The World Want To See Timmy And Tootie Or Trixie Or Maybe Missy Or Veronica And I Don't Say They Where All Bad They All Great And I Support Them All Even They Had Flaws Like Sparky Even He Is Still Little Bait mischievous It Just TV Show For Fun And It Great Opportunity To Making An Episode Where Timmy Can Get Along With One Of His Girlfriends That I Mentioned Below It The Door Open For Everyone

Timmy: But Me And Trixie Are Having The Night Of Our Lives

Chloe Hold Timmy Hand And Says

Chloe: But Buy Oh  I Am Going To Say This I Love You

Everyone Was Shocked

Chloe: Yes I Do I Want To Be Your Love Bird For The Rest Of Our Lives And I Don’t Know What To Do Without You Timmy Turner Would Be My Boyfriend Forever

Timmy Eyes Were Pooled And Then Timmy Kissed Chloe Whole Fireworks Came Out From No Where And Everyone Were Celebrating Timmy And Chloe Love Reunion

Trixie Gets Very Mad And Jealous While Timmy Asks Trixie For Apology

Timmy: Trixie I Could To Confess I Always Though Your Beautiful But We Through  It Not You It Me But It Mostly You  And Anthor Thing I Am Leaving Party

Chloe sticks Out her tongue out at Trixie Gloating before She Walks Off With Timmy

Timmy: I Am Sorry I Didn’t Believe In Chloe You Just Want To Be My Friend Or Love Bird After All

Chloe: You See Timmy Dating Trixie Is Not Better Idea Afte

r All

Timmy: And It Wouldn’t Last Anyway

Chloe: Are You Thinking What I Am Thinking

Timmy: Nope But I Got A Plan Cosmo And Wanda I Wish We Had Party At My House

Cosmo And Wanda Waves There Wands And Poof Back At Timmy House Celebrating And Eating Candy And Sugar  The Screen Blacks Out And But Cupid Appears Saying

Cupid: Will My Predictions Didn’t Came Ture But Accidently In Love.

The End.

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