• I live in Bilbao, España
  • I was born on January 18
  • I am Chico

About me

Hi! I'm the user FanDibus, a great fan of The Fairly Odd Parents.

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My favorite characters


Mainimage timmyturner

  1. Timmy Turner
  2. Adam West
  3. Chester McBadbat
  4. A.J.
  5. Tootie


FairlyOddParents Cosmo 01

  1. Cosmo Cosma
  2. Jorgen Von Strangle
  3. Wanda Fairywinkle-Cosma
  4. Poof
  5. Binky Abdul



  1. Denzel Crocker
  2. Norm the Genie
  3. Head Pixie
  4. Anti-Cosmo
  5. Anti-Wanda



  1. Mark Chang
  2. Crimson Chin
  3. Crash Nebula
  4. King Grippulon
  5. Queen Jipjorrulac
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