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My favorite Angry Bird

Hi! My name is Damienangrybirds.When I'm at wikia I can edit stuff.I joined that site when I need too.My favorite Angry Bird is the White Bird (pictured).The real name for White Bird is Matilda,but I call him Whitey.I played Club Penguin as Dami1222.I also logged in to Disney Movie Rewards as damie221 to earn points.When I discovered a strange game called Angry Birds,I like it.And I like to play Mojang's game,Minecraft on the Xbox 360.My favorite thing to do is play Club Penguin.The movies I like are Transformers 3,Despicable Me,and all of the Marvel movies except the R-rated ones.My favorite rides are Despicable Me:Minion Mayhem (even though I didn't ride it),Star Tours,Transformers:The Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood,Green Lantern at Magic Mountain at Valencia,Terminator Salvation at the same park as Green Lantern (now called Apocalypse),and Jurassic Park at the same park as Transformers: The Ride.

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