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About me

I am a huge Fan of Wanda and the Fairly odd parents!

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Hello, I'm an administrator here at the fairly oddparents wiki and I'm a big fan of it. Also I am a fan of Cosmo and Wanda's pairing. Also watch their love song (floating with you) and their gallery at the bottom. Also see my contributions it may help you in contributing and editing and leave suggestions or questions at my talk page.

Cosmo and Wanda

  • Wanda as Ace
  • Cosmo as Clefto
  • Cosmo as a teen
  • Wanda as a teen
  • Another pic of Cosmo as a teenager
  • Another pic of Wanda as a teenager
  • cosmo and wanda in a janitor and nurse costume
  • cosmo and wanda in formal wear
  • cosmo's and wanda's rock band
  • "we will get through it"
  • floating with you
  • cosmo's and wanda's in love
  • cosmo's and wanda's reception
  • cosmo's and wanda's wedding kiss
  • the wedding day
  • love at first sight
  • cosmo giving flowers to wanda

Cosmo and Wanda are married for over ten thousand years. Despite some bumps along the way they have a strong and loving relationship that will last forever and this is why I'm a big fan of cosmo and wanda. They first met in a diner. it's love at first sight and eventually got married. They will have a baby on their own when timmy wishes for it in fairly oddbaby. See also : Cosmo and Wanda (pairing) 

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Cosmo and Wanda Tribute Victims of Love

Cosmo and Wanda Tribute Victims of Love

Another tribute for Cosmo and Wanda.

Subsribe to my youtube account cosmowandaforever(same as my username here). I am recently uploading the season 0 episodes, musicals and tributes to characters(Cosmo and Wanda) I'm currently working on FOP's season2 so subscribe to be updated.

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Floating With You

Wanda: I was lost Till he found me And although he confounds me By his crown Is where I know I should be Yes, I know he's a moron With a brain made of boron And yet, I'm drawn to him magically And through every moment of turmoil And moment of pain Through all of our misadventures One thing remains Facing pixies, bullies, and jarheads I'll never be blue As long as I'm floating With you

Cosmo: I saw her and no other I still lived with my mother When I spotted her swirly pink hair Though my shoes smell like tar pits And I don't wash my armpits I like monkeys too much, But I know she doesn't care And I know that I'm forgetful I know I'm dim And even though I've just eaten I know I'll swim I know that it doesn't matter If I can't count to two As long as I'm floating With you

Both: Even though we're in deep here And they might make us sleep here Here with you, dear, is Where we both make our stand

Wanda: I am braced for attack and

Cosmo: Knowing she has my back and

Both: All I need is your hand In my hand Wanda: Baby, I know I can be nagging

Cosmo: I know you're naggy too

Wanda: I know that I'm demanding

Cosmo: (Oh, man is that true.) But one thing I'm understanding

Both: No matter what we go through I'd rather go through it I know I'll get through it If I'm floating through it With you

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cosmo and wanda

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You can watch some full season 2 video, some FOP musicals like "Floating With You" and "Shiny Teeth" and some tributes to Cosmo and Wanda. I'm still working on the season 2 so subscribe to keep track of my uploads. Thank you and have a nice day.   Wanda CosmowandaforeverCast cosmo (msg) 13:07, January 23, 2011 (UTC)
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