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  • My occupation is Civil Engineer
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Welcome to my Profile!

About me

I am a fan of Anti-Cosmo and FOP. My favorite episodes are Deja Vu, Anti-Poof, and Meet the OddParents.

My favorite pages

What I do on this wiki

  • Add Comments
  • Add Pictures to Articles that need them

An Interview with Anti-Cosmo Dude

Who is your favorite charcter of FOP: Anti-Cosmo

What is your favorite episode: Anti-Poof

What is your favorite TV movie: Fairly OddBaby

Who is your favorite Fairy: Cosmo

What is your favorite location: Ohio and California
  • Juandissimo, one of my top 10 favorite characters.
  • Timmy Turner
  • Anti-Fairy World
  • Anti-Cosmo, my favorite character of FOP.
  • Cosmo, my second favorite character of FOP.
  • Foop, Anti-Cosmo's son.
  • Poof, Cosmo's son.

Top 10 favorite characters

1. Anti-Cosmo

2. Cosmo

3. Timmy

4. Wanda

5. Poof

6. Anti-Wanda

7. Foop

8. Jorgen

9. Juandissimo

10. Vic the Babysitter


Poppyseed Avenue!


  • Editing Wikis
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Frisbee
  • Watching my pet fish Milo (He can do many tricks!)
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