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About me

FOP Is an great series,and it should be awarded,Besides I liked the episode Fairly Odd Baby since it introduced Poof,Ive also seen for the first time Anti Cosmo and H.P on that episode.

BTW i had that pink eye illness,CURSED ANTI-FAIRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One thing,i have found out that the anti fairies created pink eyes.

Mr. Turner's hate for Dinkleberg reminds me of Homer Simpson (Which is legit because Mr. Turner's hate for Dinkleberg refferences Homer's hate for Ned Flanders)

Althrough Timmy makes irresponsible wishes and breaks Da Rules (rarely) HES STILL AN AWESOME CHARACTER!!

But im still asking myself this question: "Can Timmy Turner wish himself to return at normal after he absorbed the Abracadabrium after the events of Fairly Odd Summer?"

the Wish Coupon page reminded me of an Garfield Show episode where Odie found an bottle with an genie and Jon opened it plus that the Genie wished 1 million more wishes (which was one of Garfield's wishes if he had an genie).

Sparky's debut episode was awesome,But i never knew that Mr. Turner caused Timmy's pets to die while it was known that Timmy killed them,If there was an person who fed his chicken with omelette and gone with his snail to the salt factory then that person would be an IDIOT

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