About Me

Hi, I'm A Wikia Contributor ITALIAN's return, Fairly Odd Parents fan since 2007, I saw the whole series.

I'm A Wikia Contributor ITALIAN and SpongeNickFan1200, i joined on this wiki on November 13, 2012.

My Favorite Episodes

No particular order.

Friends List

My Unpopular Opinions

  1. Tootie and Catman are bad characters, I prefer to see Timmy with Trixie and i never understood why Catman should be in the series by the way.
  2. Poof and Sparky are great additionsm also, Sparky is a nice character.
  3. Seasons 6-8 are from the golden age of the show, while Season 9 is mixed.
  4. Timmy's dad and Crocker in seasons 7-10 are fine.
  5. Crash Nebula is the worst episode of the series.
  6. While I love Poof, I find "Crime Ware" a bad episode due to the useless newborn, I'm just glad that this character only appeared in that episode.
  7. While Season 10 is the worst season, it does have some good episodes.
  8. Dark Laser is a great villain.
  9. I prefer Merry Wishmas over Christmas Everyday, personally in Christmas Everyday Timmy was very selfish, while in Merry Wishmas he just wanted to help others.
  10. Sooper Poof, Temporary Fairy and Crocker Shocker are good episodes.
  11. The Dinkleberg meme is overrated, and also, I never understood why Dinkleberg should be in the show.
  12. Chet Ubetcha and Doug Dimmadomea are underrated characters, it's a shame that fans often forget them or hardly ever talk about them.
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