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Up All Night
Author: Kim Ostrow
Illustrator: Zina Saunders
Released: 2004
Publisher: Simon Spotlight
Pages: 32
ISBN: 0689863209

Up All Night is a Ready-to-Read book based on The Fairly OddParents

Product summary

When Timmy decides that he wants to stay up all night Cosmo and Wanda grant his wish to do away with bedtime altogether. Unfortunately, his parents go to an all-night card game, leaving him with his evil baby-sitter, Vicky!


It is Timmy's bedtime, but he refuses to go to sleep, because he'd rather be having fun. Despite Cosmo and Wanda telling him that sleep is an important factor of the day, he wishes to have no bedtime. But just as he thinks his "life just got a whole lot better", his parents tell him they're going to an all-night card game and leaving Vicky to babysit. When Timmy tells her that she can't send him to bed because he doesn't have a bedtime, she drags in a large trunk and orders him to shine her 300 pairs of shoes. After he finishes this task, Vicky orders him to make her a pizza, threatening to make a big mess and blame it on him if he doesn't. Then she makes him do her homework, and then makes him wear a pink dress. When Timmy wishes he didn't have to wear the dress, Cosmo and Wanda (who have gotten very sleepy by now) poof off all of his clothes except for his underwear, which causes Vicky to fall down laughing. Timmy changes back into his pajamas and tries to wish his bedtime back, but the fairies have fallen asleep. Vicky then comes in to mess up his room, during which she empties the fishbowl, waking up Cosmo and Wanda, allowing them to grant Timmy's wish. He then also wishes for Vicky to fall asleep till his parents return.

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