I wish everything was back to normal!

— The end to many of Timmy Turner's disastrous wishes

Unwish refers to making a wish go away. It is done simply by wishing that everything was back to normal, or that none of the events ever happened. It can also refer to the unwished creatures/objects/people themselves.


Timmy Turner often resorts to unwishing things he wished for after they go horribly wrong, which usually happens at the end of every episode. After granting the wish, everyone but the fairy godparents and their godchildren usually has their memories wiped of whatever happened, and the messed up wish is sent to Unwish Island along with every other unwished thing. These "Unwishes" usually harbor some sort of resentment toward the godchild that sent them there, as Timmy Turner learned when his unwished imaginary friend Gary teamed up with other unwishes to kidnap Timmy's friends and family. In some cases, wishes that aren't even unwished can still be sent to Unwish Island. Also, Dark Laser managed to escape from Unwish Island and become a reoccurring threat to Timmy and the people of Dimmsdale. In the cases where wishes are permanently undone, they are sent to the Hocus Poconos, essentially erasing them from existence.

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