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Turner Power Plant
Power Plant.png
City: Dimmsdale
State: California
Country: United States
World: Earth
Additional Information
Owned By:
  Mr. Turner
  Mr. Turner (owner)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Turner Back Time
Last Appearance:
  Turner Back Time

The Turner Power Plant is a power plant owned by Mr. Turner in an alternate universe.


It was created after Timmy wished that his great-great-grandfather, Ebeneezer Turner, chose Railroad Tycoon instead of Town Crier.

It can be assumed that in the main universe it is owned by Mr. Buxaplenty and goes by the name, "Buxaplenty Power Plant".


The exterior is purple with wires coming out. It has many windows on the front and side of the building. There are two lighting bolts on two parts of the building

The Interior is also purple. It has a main circuit that is surrounded by train tracks and a golden train goes in circles around it. Near the entrance, there is a big red power button.

From what Alternate Universe Mr. Crocker said, it can be assumed that it is a big place.