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Turner Family Butlers
Merman the Butler (pictured)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Eye color:       Green
Personal Information
  Turner family
  Turner Mansion
The Turner's House
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Vicky Gets Fired
Last Appearance:
  Spring Break-Up (cameo)
Voiced by:
Carlos Alazraqui (Vicky Gets Fired)
Jeff Bennett (Turner Back Time)

These are various butlers that end up working for Timmy or his family, usually due to a wish.

Jensen the Butler

Jensen the Butler acted as Timmy Turner's butler in the episode, "Vicky Gets Fired". He is an elderly man that became Timmy Turner's butler after his parents fired Vicky in "Vicky Gets Fired". He serves Timmy and even goes to school for him.


He wears a tuxedo suit with a white bow tie, a pink hat identical to Timmy's, and he is mostly bald with gray hair.


After Vicky is fired in the episode, "Vicky Gets Fired". Jensen is a butler who is seen serving Timmy, who was having the time of his life inside his house without Vicky terrorizing him. Jensen apparently went to school for Timmy and managed to get him an A on his test. Unknown to Timmy, Vicky had taken over Dimmsdale, and was driving the city into chaos. Timmy eventually has to wish Vicky to be his babysitter again to prevent her from acquiring increasingly megalomaniac professions, and she ties him and Jensen up to train tracks. Jensen is last seen asking Timmy for a raise while tied up next to him, and Timmy promises him he'll get it. The episode ends with a speeding train heading towards them, where upon he tells Timmy it was time for a raise.

Merman the Butler

Merman is a butler of the Turner family in an alternate universe where they are rich. He appears after Timmy wishes that his great-great-grandfather, Ebeneezer Turner, had chosen Railroad Tycoon over Town Crier. Merman was said to be Timmy's personal butler, but helped Mr. Turner too. He appears to like the Turners and does whatever they say.


He looks like a stereotypical butler, with black striped pants, a black jacket and bowtie, and a white shirt. He is balding with hair on the sides of his head.


Throughout the episode, Turner Back Time, he appeared doing menial tasks including: Sneezing for Timmy, using the restroom for Timmy, holding Timmy and Sparky, and carrying Mr. Turner.



  • Jensen is apparently human, but he is seen standing with Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof in fairy form and in plain view, so it is most likely he was wished up by them and is not a real person.
Turner Family Butlers