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  • Poof shouldn't exist in the alternate timeline since he was a wish made by Timmy (unless he was wished into existence by a previous godchild).
  • Jorgen told Timmy that because he's rich, he doesn't need fairies, but Remy Buxaplenty had a fairy while being rich.
    • However, the reason that Remy has a fairy despite being rich, it is because he is unhappy because their parents never care about.
  • In other episodes where Timmy gets Cosmo and Wanda's intro redone, they never read all of Da Rules.
  • The first railroad wasn't established until 1827. Since Dimmsdale was said to be founded in 1744 in this episode, the title of railroad tycoon was nonexistent at the time.


  • Orville Redenbacher or Orville Wright - Orville Buxaplenty is named after either or both of those men. He might be named after Redenbacher because he was a popcorn tycoon. He might be named after Wright because he was an inventor of a transportation, the airplane.
  • Cornelius Vanderbilt - The fact that Orville Buxaplenty was a railroad tycoon is most likely a reference to Vanderbilt.
  • The Simpsons - The plot of the main character time traveling and creating a great world for him that lacks just one thing the main character's normal life had is similar to that of the Treehouse of Horror V short, Time and Punishment.

Running Gags

  • Mr. Crocker lives on a trash can.
  • Sparky is talking about dog rebellion.
  • Timmy says a way he could make his life miserable, but Mr. Turner gives him something opposite to being miserable, and Timmy questions what he was saying again.

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