"Timmy Turner, you are wonderful."

"Hello, empty bus seat."

"Hello, other empty bus seat."

"You've given me the one thing I've always wanted, a friend who likes me for me."

"Oh my gosh! I just realized I'm totally in love with rock stars!"

"You're rejecting me? Oh my gosh! I'm so into you now! I'm going to run home and leave 1,000 messages on your answering machine!"

"Tell me I'm pretty!"

"I'm ignoring you. I said I'm ignoring you! STOP IGNORING ME IGNORING YOU!!!!"

"He's so unfeeling! That makes him cool!"

[under You-doo] "I-think-I'll-sit-next-to-my-favorite-pink-hatted-buck-toothed-loser."


"Get away from me! You're a monster! A totally hot MONSTER!"

"I knew it! You were trying to gnaw your own arm off in a desperate attempt at freedom!"

[observing that she and Timmy are the only two people on Earth] "But... that means there are less people around to adore me... I NEED SOMEONE TO ADORE ME!!!!!"

[going crazy after Timmy goes to the bathroom] "Where did you go???" Don't lie to me. Who's in there? What's her name? TELL ME I'M PRETTY!!!!"

"LOVE HURTS! And it makes a fine mulch for your lawn or garden."

"Missiles sold separately?!"

"I missed you, Timmy. Did you miss me? WHERE DID YOU GOOOOOO?!!!"

Timmy: "I just did..."

"Timmy! You've killed my seemingly harmless plant! You are so not my boyfriend!"

"Because, anonymous voice of nobody, you won for comedy and everyone knows that comedy is the second-lowest form of entertainment, next to animation."

[Plucking flower petals] "I love him not, I love him not, I love him not, I love him... Not!!!"

Timmy: "Hi, Trixie. Mind if I join you?"
Trixie: "Sorry, Tommy!"
Timmy: "Timmy!"
Trixie: "Whatever! There's only one seat left at the table and I'm saving that for somebody I love! SECURITY!"

"Not worthy."

"Oh my gosh! That is so sweet... but, uhh, that's what I have girlfriends for. SECURITY!"

(To A.J.): "Aliens? Yeah, right! What's next, fairies?"

"Wait. Did I say 'Timmy'?"

"Now, that's what I call a hair-don't."

Trixie: "Timmy! How's my hair?"
Timmy: "Perfect."
Trixie Tang

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