Titlecard-The Fairy Flu The Fairy Flu!
Tootie invites Timmy Turner to her birthday party, but his sick fairy godparents and her older sister Vicky wreak havoc.
Titlecard-Boy Toy Boy Toy
Tootie finds Cosmo and Wanda in doll form and takes them to her house. Timmy, himself doll sized, must venture there to get them back. Later, Timmy apologizes to Tootie for throwing water balloons at her, and gifts her an indestructible Crimson Chin doll that Vicky cannot break.
Titlecard-Love Struck Love Struck!
Timmy wants Trixie to be his Valentine, but Cupid suggests to use the love arrow he made for Timmy, so that Tootie would be his Valentine much to Timmy's shock and horror. Timmy tries to defy this with a musical number to Trixie Tang, but he fails and gets laughed at by the other female students. To make things worse, Tootie wants Timmy to be her Valentine and this gets him laughed at even more. Timmy can no longer take the humiliation and immediately rejects her angrily before running off, causing Tootie to cry. Timmy tells his godparents to poof Tootie and the other girls away and they do so, but this causes love to nearly disappear, forcing Timmy to get things back to normal. Later, Timmy sees Tootie crying and refuses Trixie's make-up Valentine offer. Timmy spends the rest of his Valentine's Day with Tootie instead by hitting himself with the arrow Cupid gave to him.
Titlecard-Kung Timmy Kung Timmy
Tootie stands up for Timmy, who is being picked on by Francis. Eventually Francis gets fed up with Tootie, and threatens to beat her up instead, causing Timmy to be able to defeat Francis by defending Tootie, as the rules of Kung-Fu restrict it to self-defense. After Timmy beats up Francis, Tootie rewards him with a big smooch.
Titlecard-Homewrecker Homewrecker
While in the act of wrecking Vicky's house in revenge his, Timmy is discovered by Tootie, who praises him for destroying Vicky's room which she herself always wanted to do. Tootie finds Cosmo and Wanda's wands and thinks they are gifts from Timmy, and refuses to give them back until he kisses her. Tootie hides the wands in her room, and Timmy tricks her into getting locked in the closet to get rid of her so he can find them and give them back to Cosmo and Wanda. Timmy forgets to unlock Tootie from the closet and she has a bathroom incident.
Titlecard-Channel Chasers Channel Chasers
After Timmy runs away from home, Tootie overhears Mr. and Mrs. Turner talking to her mother and learns that Timmy has run away from home. Tootie decides to blow the lid on Vicky's evil babysitting, and disguises herself as Deep Toot to pass on this information to Timmy's parents while keeping her identity secret. She was also on her way to Timmy's house to give them even more information on her sister, this time without a disguise, but Timmy's wish to reset all the events caused by the movie erased all her evidence and caused her to forget everything.
Titlecard-Schools Out The Musical School's Out!: The Musical
Tootie is seen during the song, "Adults Ruin Everything", marching alongside Timmy and several other kids. After kids took over the world from adults and Timmy became President, she is appointed as a police chief during the song, "Ten and in Charge". Tootie wanted to flash the big red light on top of the police station.
Titlecard-You Doo You Doo
After Francis steals her rag-doll at school, Tootie finds a Timmy Turner doll which is actually a You Doo doll. While playing with the doll, Tootie's actions actually manipulate Timmy, who was at the time speaking with Trixie Tang and winning her over, and cause Timmy claim he finds Tootie smarter, prettier, and funnier than Trixie, causing Trixie to dump a bowl of food on his head. Francis then steals the Timmy You Doo Doll from Tootie and heaves it, causing Timmy to fly around the cafeteria.
Titlecard-Birthday Wish Birthday Wish!
Tootie invites Timmy to her birthday, but he uses her birthday passes at the pizza parlor to blow off her party and hang out with Chester and A.J., making her extremely miserable, as no other kid showed up thanks to Vicky. Feeling remorseful, Timmy loans Cosmo and Wanda to Tootie, who uses them to wish up an extravagant city-wide birthday party. Tootie is too generous though, and thanks to a suspicious Mr. Crocker's influence, wants to tell everyone about Cosmo and Wanda, forcing Timmy to spend time with her to keep her distracted, and eventually even claim to be Tootie's boyfriend. After Tootie's memory is erased, Timmy denies this claim to her, causing her to cry.
Titlecard-Timmys 2D House of Horror Timmy's 2-D House of Horror
After Tootie's house is destroyed by Timmy, she and her family stay with Timmy, and he constantly attempts to avoid her and Vicky. At the end of the episode, she shows up with in a wedding dress and hugs Timmy.
Titlecard-Oh Brother Oh, Brother!
Tootie wants to invite Timmy to her Sugar Cream Puffs dance pageant, and he misses the school bus trying to avoid her. After other incidents, Timmy wishes for an older brother named Tommy Turner, and Tootie falls in love with him because he is a perfect version of Timmy who treats her nice. Later, when Timmy wants to get rid of Tommy who has become too controlling of him, he cannot because Tootie is in love and Da Rules forbid wishing away true love, so Timmy makes Tommy look bad and himself look good again to Tootie by causing Tommy to miss her dance pageant while Timmy arrives just in time for Tootie to notice him. Tootie falls in love with Timmy again, and Tommy is immediately wished away.
Titlecard-Merry Wishmas Merry Wishmas
Tootie was seen in the song, "Not on the List", holding a chemistry set she presumably got and did not want for Christmas. Tootie was one of the recipients of Timmy's Wish Coupons, and read the text on the coupon out, before wishing for a flying pink horse named Timmy in disbelief.
Titlecard-Dread N Breakfast Dread 'N' Breakfast
When the Turner family turns their house into a bed and breakfast, Tootie is one of the guests who is sleeping in a bunkbed in Timmy's room. She tells Timmy that she spent all her piggy bank money for a night in the "Timmy suite" and thus wants a kiss, and chases Timmy throughout his house until she gets it, including dressing up as a "Ninja of Love". After Timmy drives off the other threatening guests by force, he rids Tootie from his house by bargaining a kiss on the cheek for her.
Titlecard-Squirrely Puffs Squirrely Puffs
Tootie and her Cream Puff scout group race Timmy and his Squirrel Scout group to the top of Mount Doomsdale. Tootie's group makes better progress at first thanks to their harmony with animals, but when the animals turn on the girls, Timmy and his father manage to rescue them and bring both scout groups to the top of the mountain safely.
Titlecard-One Man Banned One Man Banned
When Timmy becomes a famous musician, Tootie is his number one fan. She attempts to jump in his moving limo, and is later seen holding up a "Marry Me" sign at his concert.
Titlecard-He Poofs He Scores He Poofs He Scores
Tootie is a cheerleader for Timmy's soccer team, the Dimmsdale Victims. Later on, Timmy uses her to distract Cosmo and Wanda from finding Poof, who was helping him cheat to win, by telling Tootie to ride around with a purple soccer ball on her bicycle. While cycling, Tootie passes by Egypt, India, and arrives in Paris to win the Tour de France. She arrives back at Timmy's championship game to celebrate the victory with his teammates.
Titlecard-Lights Out Lights Out
After Timmy wishes Dimmsdale into complete darkness, Tootie calls on his cellphone and then quickly finds him in person, startling Timmy and causing him to run into a barricade she built. While at the hospital, Timmy learns that Tootie resuscitated him with mouth-to-mouth, and then Tootie appears on standby and says she will be ready to do it again when he is knocked out. Timmy runs away from her, and eventually encounters her again in the darkness trying to knock him unconscious with a paddle. Tootie and a number of other threatening characters corner Timmy on the rooftop, where he eventually wakes up from what was apparently a nightmare. Timmy takes a fall as the episode ends, and in The End title card Tootie runs across to give Timmy CPR again.
Titlecard-GrowUpTimmyTurner A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!
Tootie (played in live action by Daniella Monet), now twenty-three years old, and a beautiful and smart adult, returns to Dimmsdale to protest Hugh J. Magnate Jr.'s plan to destroy the park around the Dimmsdale Dogwood and build an oil well. After witnessing her stand up to Magnate and his thugs, Timmy begins to show feelings for Tootie. At his age, if Timmy falls in love with a girl he risks growing up and losing his fairies, so Cosmo and Wanda prompt Timmy to avoid Tootie. However, Tootie seeks Timmy out and convinces him to go on a date with her. After spending some time together, Timmy and Tootie decide to go out to dinner, where Cosmo and Wanda notice that Tootie is taking over their place in Timmy's life. The two fairies decide to interfere with the dinner by transforming into humans and dumping food all over Tootie, who runs off to the bathroom somewhat distressed. To make it up to her, Timmy wishes for Cosmo and Wanda to restore the park Tootie was trying to save earlier, and he brings her to it as a surprise. Tootie is amazed by this, and she and Timmy sit together in the dogwood tree.

While Timmy and Tootie sit together in the tree, Cosmo and Wanda watch nearby and realize that Timmy has finally fallen in love. This causes Wanda to cry out just as Timmy was about to kiss Tootie, causing him to fall out of the tree. Tootie jumps down and suspects Timmy is hiding something from her, since he did not want to kiss her despite giving her the best day ever. She tells him to grow up and then storms off, but is quickly kidnapped by Magnate when she tries to help a "helpless bunny". Magnate brings Tootie to his lair, while Mr. Crocker kidnaps Timmy's fairies so their power can be used to fuel a machine he and Magnate had built. Tootie sees the fairies and that the machine is harming them, so she tries to escape using a yo-yo she found in a jacket Timmy had given her earlier. Although she escapes her cage, when Timmy arrives she is nearly knocked into a bottomless ballpit during the ensuing battle. Timmy swings over with a rope to rescue her, but is unable to free his fairies. Realizing that it is finally time to grow up once and for all, he admits his love to Tootie and shares a long kiss with her. This causes Timmy to now be considered an adult by Da Rules, which causes fairies to disappear, and Magnate is defeated.

Timmy and Tootie, now officially together, are talking about Timmy's fairies when Jorgen Von Strangle arrives and takes them both to Fairy World. Tootie is allowed to know of the fairies while Timmy is allowed to keep them through a special clause in Da Rules, awarded to Timmy for his heroics. Tootie is formally introduced to the fairies, and all together they open a business on Earth called "Wishful Thinking", where Timmy and Tootie travel the world to use the fairies' magic to help others.

Fop-christmas-nick A Fairly Odd Christmas
In the sequel to the live action film Grow Up, Timmy Turner!, Tootie (Daniella Monet) is now Timmy's girlfriend, and knows of his fairies. Together, they travel the world making it a better place. However, when Timmy lands himself on Santa's naughty list, Tootie and the fairies must travel to the North Pole to find out why.
OddSummer-square A Fairly Odd Summer
Tootie and Timmy go to hawaii for vaction. Foop and Crocker do everything they can to ruin Timmy and Tootie's vacation, Tootie and Timmy have got to get the abra-cadabrain, before Foop and Crocker do so. At the end of the episode, when Timmy becomes a fairy Tootie and Timmy dance together.


Titlecard-Abra-Catastrophe Abra-Catastrophe!
Tootie is one of the slaves seen bowing to Mr. Crocker after he has used a Magic Muffin to capture a fairy and take over the world.
Titlecard-Chip Off The Old Chip Chip Off The Old Chip
Tootie is briefly seen during the song, "Find Your Voice", holding a sign reading "I Love Timmy".
Titlecard-Hard Copy Hard Copy
Tootie is seen cheering alongside Chester, A.J., and Elmer after Timmy flies through and destroys an advertisement for Dr. Bender's dentistry clinic.
Titlecard-The Masked Magician The Masked Magician
Tootie is not seen in this episode, but she is mentioned by Vicky to be one of her enemies and a suspect to whoever tied her to train tracks.
Titlecard-Mooooving Day Mooooving Day!
Tootie did not speak in this episode, but she was seen with her family in a field after Dimmadome Acres, which they had previously all moved to, had been wished away. She was also seen extremely briefly, cheering for Timmy who had won a burping contest at The Dimmadome.
Titlecard-Formula For Disaster Formula For Disaster
Tootie is one of the students in Mr. Crocker's class cheering for Timmy because he received his 5,000th F. This is also the first and only time she has been seen in Mr. Crocker's fifth grade class.
Titlecard-The Boss of Me The Boss of Me
Tootie is one of the costumers of Timmy's everleady pencil, which can last forever. However, the constant writing causes Tootie and other citizens of Dimmsdale to grow huge muscular arms.
Titlecard-Take and Fake Take and Fake
At the end of the episode, Timmy is kicked out of Trixie's costume party when his disguise gives way, but Trixie comes out to talk to him and claims that she did invite him to his party after all because he is dreamy. "Trixie" then unzips her costume, revealing it to have been Tootie all along (throughout the scene, the entire episode its not made clear). Timmy uses Cosmo and Wanda to activate one of Trixie's trap springs from under Tootie, launching her into trash cans. Timmy is himself launched into the trash cans from the same means by the real Trixie, and Tootie is heard kissing him as the episode ends.
Dimmsdale's Got Talent? Dimmsdale's Got Talent?


TokenWishes Token Wishes
Tootie gets her hands on Timmy's wish tokens and uses them to wish that Timmy would spend all his time with her, play games with her, and kiss her, much to his dismay. She also uses one of the tokens to wish for a cyclone to get rid of Vicky. In the end, she allows Timmy to use the last wish token so he can be happy, and he wishes Tootie never found the tokens. Timmy eventually feels sorry that Tootie gave up her own happiness for his, so he agrees to go play a game of ball with her in the end.
TimeOut Time Out!
Tootie can be seen playing jump-rope with two nondescript girls. She and her two friends later join Timmy to watch America's Funniest Dental Exams at the end.
LovestruckBook Love Struck! (book)
This is a book adaption of the episode "Love Struck!", Tootie's role is not changed. A gag with her that was cut from the episode ("I'm naming this dollhouse Timmy") is included here.
Topsecret Timmy Turner's Top-Secret Notebook
Timmy talks about how Tootie bugs him, but also reveals he secretly likes her but is afraid to admit it.
Inatizzy In a Tizzy over Turkey
Tootie and her parents go out to get some cranberry sauce for their Thanksgiving dinner, but their car breaks down. Timmy has his parents pick them up, along with him and Vicky, and bring them to his house for dinner. Later, at dinner, Tootie embraces Timmy, saying she's thankful to be sitting next to him.
TimmyTurnerActionHero Timmy Turner, Action Hero!
This is a book adaption of the episode "Boy Toy", Tootie's role is not changed.
Eggsrayvision Timmy's Eggs-Ray Vision
Tootie participates in the Easter egg hunt on the lawn of City Hall, but Vicky then steals all her eggs. Timmy, seeing this, feels sorry for her and gives her a handful of the eggs he found.


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