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  • In her appearance in "The Zappys" (Oh Yeah! Cartoons short) she has red hair.
  • She is married to Jorgen Von Strangle as of "Teeth For Two".
    • It is hinted in Finding Emo that she and Jorgen are no longer a couple as Jorgen was shown dating a Fairy named Wallet.
  • Her gift for Timmy Turner's fairy-versary was a roll full of floss.
  • In "Shiny Teeth", she has to poof back and forth every time someone puts a tooth under their pillow, but in "Wishology!", she uses a machine called the Quarter Transporter. This was probably done so she doesn't waste so much time in poofing back and forth.
  • In "Fairy Idol", the Tooth Fairy is not a good singer, but a dolphin liked her voice.
  • She may be an Ancient Fairy Warrior because she is a tall fairy like them, and shares other similarities with them.
  • Her outfit is similar to Wonder Woman.
  • In Poof's Playdate, she seems to be as tall as Jorgen.
  • Though being a nice character, she is portrayed as a villain in one of the fairy tales that Wanda reads to Poof in "Fairly Odd Fairy Tales".
  • Despite being sweet, kind and harmless, she can be very strong, as revealed in "Turning Into Turner".
Tooth Fairy