• In her appearance in "The Zappys" (Oh Yeah! Cartoons short) she has red hair.
  • She’s married to Jorgen Von Strangle as of "Teeth For Two".
    • It’s hinted in Finding Emo that she and Jorgen are no longer married as Jorgen was shown dating a Fairy named Wallet.
  • Her gift for Timmy Turner's fairy-versary was a roll full of dental floss.
  • In "Shiny Teeth", she has to poof back and forth every time someone puts a tooth under their pillow, but in "Wishology!", she uses a machine called the Quarter Transporter. This was probably done so she doesn't waste so much time in poofing back and forth.
  • In "Fairy Idol", the Tooth Fairy isn’t a good singer, but a dolphin liked her voice.
  • Her outfit is similar to Wonder Woman.
  • In Poof's Playdate, she’s as tall as Jorgen.
  • Though being a nice character, she’s portrayed as a villain in one of the fairytales that Wanda reads to Poof in "Fairly Odd Fairy Tales".
  • Despite being sweet, kind and harmless, she can be very strong, as revealed in "Turning Into Turner".
  • She and Jorgen were high-school sweethearts ("The Fairy Beginning").
  • According to her voice actress, Grey Griffin at Lee's LA Comic Con 2017, she explains that when she was young, she use to do prank calls with an attractive voice and that's how the Tooth Fairies voice came to the show.
Tooth Fairy

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