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Season 2, Episode 9
Prod. Code: 12A
Premiered: Australia August 31, 2001
United States April 26, 2002 (produced in 2001)
Copyright: 2001
Wish: Invisibility
Written by:
  Butch Hartman
Steve Marmel
Storyboard by:
  Butch Hartman
Paul McEvoy
Directed by:
  Butch Hartman
Art Direction:
  Bob Boyle
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"Timvisible" is the ninth episode of Season 2.


Timmy's shot at the perfect attendance award is threatened by a pounding from Francis. Timmy wishes to become invisible and soon, everyone believes the school is haunted. Everyone that is, except Crocker who knows that catching the invisible Timmy will be all the evidence he needs to prove the existence of Fairies.


As Timmy is in his car on the way to school, he is excited to get a perfect attendance award that night. Unfortunately, when he reaches Dimmsdale elementary, he sees Francis and realizes that the bully is celebrating the end of school by beating up all the school boys outside. As Francis smashes a kid into the window of Timmy's car, Timmy gets his oblivious parents to drop him off literally inside the school to avoid getting pummeled. During class, Francis throws a note at Timmy, stating that he will die at half past nine. When the time comes, however, Timmy distracts him with a brick wall and makes a run for it, Francis following shortly behind.

Timmy invisible

After coming to a dead end, Timmy comes to the conclusion that Francis will only beat him up if he sees him, leading Timmy to wish that he was invisible and that Cosmo and Wanda would disguise themselves as school children. After noticing that Timmy has magically disappeared, Francis threatens that if Timmy doesn't return by the end of school, he'll beat up Cosmo instead. While Francis walks away after Timmy rips the bully's pants with scissors, Timmy decides to use the opportunity to cause mischief that leads the school into thinking it's the work of a ghost. Seeing these antics, Crocker correctly surmises that Timmy has magically made himself invisible, so Crocker then dons a heat seeking magic detecting suit to capture him and prove the existence of fairies. While Timmy dodges Crocker, he sees that it's half past five and hurries to the award ceremony.

Chasing Timmy into the school's kitchen, Crocker crashes into some bags of flour, covering himself with the substance. After the incident, Timmy is able to make his way backstage. Meanwhile, becoming afraid of Francis' threat towards Cosmo, Wanda poofs into a bat and uses her sonar to detect and find Timmy. After she is spotted by Crocker, she quickly turns into a baseball bat and beats him up, helping Timmy understand that it is wrong for him to run away and hide from his problems while his friends are out there fighting his battles for him. Timmy realizes that because of his cowardice, Cosmo would get beaten up and that isn't fair. Also, if he doesn't change back soon, he won't receive his award.

Timmy then wishes he was visible again and Waxelplax then gives Timmy his perfect attendance award after raising the curtains up. Crocker then grabs Timmy and tries to prove everyone that he is using magic by being invisible while not realizing he's visible once more (due to him still wearing his magic vision goggles), making the audience mock and laugh at him. Principal Waxelplax assumes that the flour-covered Crocker is the one that scared the whole school by assuming the identity of a ghost before calling in the security for it. A burly security guard then grabs Crocker, takes him away and beats him up. Seeing Timmy again, Francis confronts him and he is shocked by his lack of fear. Timmy confesses he's afraid but states that he can't keep running away from his problems and is willing to face against Francis.

Timmy with his medal.

Preparing the attacks, Francis punches Timmy's medal, hurting his own fist and leaving Timmy unharmed. Frustrated, Francis tries to use his other hand, his head and even his spleen somehow, but only the tough medal gets hit, causing him to hurt only himself instead, leaving him to collapse on the ground in pain as result. As Timmy and his parents leave, Mr. Turner asks Timmy about his day and Timmy states that it was like he wasn't even there, and the episode ends as Timmy becomes invisible again.

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