Timmy: 6 days!?

[A time card shows the first day of Yaksgiving; The choir sings a 12 Day of Christmas Parody of yagsgiving]

Choir: On the first day of Yaksgiving, we make Yaksgiving soup

[Timmy's Grandparents makes soup out of Timmy's goldfish bowl, with Cosmo and Wanda still inside.]

Cosmo: Mmm, This soup... so delicious

Wanda: Cosmo, you're EATING US!

Cosmo: Oh no... I give me gas [farts]

[Another time card shows the second day]

Choir: On the second day of Yaksgiving, we shave Yaksgiving backs.

Timmy's Grandparents are shaving their backs in the bathroom, when Timmy sees them, he screamed and ran out.

[Third day]

Choir: On the third day of Yaksgiving, we drop Yaksgiving yak

[Timmy walks out of the door. Suddenly, a falling yak squished him on his way out]

[Fourth day]

Choir: On the fourth day of Yaksgiving, we drop another yak.

[Timmy runs quickly back to his front door, hoping that no yak comes onto him, He sighs a bit of relief. But before he could turn around and go. The yak squished him again.]

[Fifth Day]

Choir: On the fifth of Yaksgiving, we have a yak attack.

[Timmy walks in, but notices the yak attack word in the song]

Timmy: Wait, Did the choir just say Yak Attack?

Choir: We did.

[Then a herd of yaks came out of nowhere and squished him once more.]

[Sixth and Final Day]

Choir: On the sixth day of Yaksgiving, we have Yaksgiving feast.

[Scene changes to the table]

Timmy: A feast!? Thank you, choir! I haven't eaten in six days.

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