Timmy Turner Doll
Tootie holding a Timmy doll
Uses: Likeness of Timmy Turner
Powered by: control Timmy
Additional Information
Created by:
  Cosmo/Wanda (You Doo)
Found by:
Mr. Turner (Clones)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Boy Toy (Mentioned)

Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad (in person)

Last Appearance:
Destroyed In:

Timmy Turner Dolls are dolls that look exactly like Timmy that have been carried and sought after by a number of different characters, most notably Tootie.


Timmy dolls appear in several different episodes, where Timmy's friends and family find them and show their delight at finding free merchandise of him. Doidle is also occasionally seen gnawing on a Timmy doll.


The doll looks exactly like Timmy, with stitches along the sides, and no hands or feet.


Doll replicas of Timmy Turner first mentioned in the episode, "Boy Toy", where after Timmy becomes doll sized, Chester and A.J. find him and show their delight at a doll of their best friend; with kung-fu biting action; and then catapult Timmy toward a beehive after covering him in honey.

A doll of Timmy Turner was used by Cosmo and Wanda to fool Timmy's parents, who had become superheroes, into giving up their superpowers in the episode, "Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad".

A Replica of a Timmy Doll is seen in Deja Vu, when Francis picks it up.

Tootie was seen briefly hugging another Timmy Turner doll in "Love Struck!", where she squeezed it so tight its head exploded. Tootie has another Timmy doll during the song "What Girls Love", but it is stolen by Vicky and destroyed with a cattle prod.

Timmy wished up a talking doll of himself to distract Doidle when he was visiting Vicky's House in the episode, "Homewrecker" with the intent of trashing the place. Doidle had already had a Timmy doll in his mouth when Timmy first entered, but he had torn it to pieces.

A You Doo doll version of the Timmy doll plays an important part in the episode, "You Doo". After Cosmo creates a You Doo doll of Timmy to demonstrate their function, and leaves it on the school playground, Tootie finds it the next day and is overjoyed when she sees that it is an "orthodontically correct" Timmy doll. She starts to play with the doll, and by speaking through it, inadvertently causes Timmy to insult Trixie Tang whom he was talking to nearby. Francis then takes the doll from Tootie and throws it into the school cafeteria, causing Timmy to fly across the cafeteria himself. Timmy realized what was happening and had to retrieve his doll before it fell into a woodchipper.

Timmy wishes for a whole bunch after sending copies of his Dad to the Planet of the Dads to keep them company in the episode, "Add-a-Dad".


  • "My parents are nitwits! Nitwits!"
  • "I'm low fat, and boylicious!"
  • "That wasn't me! I didn't do it! You can't prove anything!"
  • "My fish ate my homework!"
  • "I hope this monkey can fly a plane!"
  • "What could possibly go wrong?"



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