Timmy Turner, Action Hero!
Author: Marc Carasini
Illustrator: Tom LePadula
Released: May 2005
Publisher: Scholastic Books
Pages: 64
ISBN: 0439760925

Timmy Turner, Action Hero! is a children's chapter book adapting the episode "Boy Toy".

Product summary

Timmy wishes to play with his Crimson Chin doll one last time, so Wanda and Cosmo transform Timmy into a toy-size action figure and make his old Crimson Chin doll come alive! But when Wanda and Cosmo fall into the hands of Timmy's archenemies, Tootie and Vicky, can the action duo save them from the worst fate imaginable? And will Timmy ever be a normal boy again?


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Differences between the book and episode

  • A scene of Timmy, Chester, and A.J. setting up the catapult is added to the beginning.
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