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  • Cosmo has at least one fan: a fangirl who thinks he's cute.
  • It is revealed that Francis is a fan of Britney Britney.


We can read "Friends won't die"

  • Friends - In the TV magazine that Cosmo is holding when Timmy was walking through a red carpet, we can clearly read the phrase "'Friends' won't die" which makes a reference to the series, which has ended a year before this episode aired.
  • The Beverly Hillbillies - Throughout the intro of Timmy TV, Cosmo's appearance and moment both are references to the show, mostly how they become rich after striking oil in their land.
  • The Brady Bunch - The part where Mrs. Turner is in a square with other people around in squares is a reference to the intro of the show.
  • Leave It To Beaver - The show where Binky starred "Leave It to Binky" is a reference to the show.
  • The Truman Show - The plot of the episode is almost identical to that of the film.
  • Happy Days - Timmy dresses like a 50's greaser and checks himself out in front of the mirror with a comb in the intro of the show Timmy TV.
  • Hogan's Heroes - Throughout the intro of Timmy TV, Mr. Turner's appearance was similar to the doghouse lifting and ending up to the dogs part of the Hogan's Heroes intro.
  • Bubsy - Timmy's new catchphrase "What could possibly go wrong?" is also the protagonist Bubsy's catchphrase from the video game of the same name.

Running Gags

  • A zipper being poofed over Cosmo's mouth and zipped shut when he says something he oughtn't to.
  • Cosmo being trapped in a carbonite box similar to the one in Star Wars.
  • Simon making changes to the show to boost the ratings.
  • Cosmo making note on when you see the words Timmy and another word next to each other, there is another part of that that is added into it to create a sentence.
  • Cosmo keeps asking his "fans" if they still like him or if he's a popular character but gets an unanswered response and cricket noises.
  • Some of Timmy's friends and family notice the live audience laughter.
  • The women being shrill.


  • When Timmy goes to Fairy World, the balding male fairy who says "Look! Its Timmy!" has a female voice. A moment later a redheaded female fairy speaks in a rather boyish voice.
  • When Chester and AJ are frozen during the interruption of Timmy TV, the positions of Chester and AJ’s eyebrows are “\ /“ and “/ /“ respectively. However, when Timmy says, “They’re my best friends. I happen to like them.”, the positions of Chester and AJ’s eyebrows change to “/ \” and “/ -“ respectively. Furthermore, before Simon replaces Chester and AJ for monkeys, the position of Chester’s eyebrow remain unchanged and the position of AJ’s eyebrow changes back to “/ /“.

Production Notes

  • Although this episode premiered in 2005, it was produced in 2004 according to the credits.
    • This episode completed production in August 2004.[1]


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