Timmy's Top Wishes
Timmy's Top Wishes DVD
Series: The Fairly OddParents
Production Information
No. of episodes:
  5 (VHS)
7 (DVD)
DVD Release:
  January 18, 2005

Product description

The story of ten year old Timmy Turner and his fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda; this collection of episodes was selected by program creator Butch Hartman.


Title card # Title Original airdate
Titlecard-Knighty Knight
"Knighty Knight" September 6, 2002
After being ripped off by the Camelot Fair (the knight is shorter than he looks, the Magician is a cleaning product salesmen, and the Dragon is only a dog wearing a dragon mask even it's scared of) Timmy wishes he was in the real Camelot, but Timmy's parents somehow come along with him and are about to be eaten by a dragon!
Titlecard-Wheres Wanda
"Where's Wanda?" October 18, 2003
Wanda mysteriously disappears at the science fair at Dimmsdale Elementary School, and it's up to Timmy Turner and Cosmo to solve the mystery. But the culprit is someone you'll never suspect.
Titlecard-Power Pals
"Power Pals!" May 18, 2004
Timmy Turner's friends are tired that he is always pushing them around, so they form an Anti Timmy force. Timmy wishes for some Super Friends to be his new friends, but pretty soon they begin pushing him around like he used to with Chester, A.J., Elmer, and Sanjay. Timmy tries to find his old friends, but when the "Power Pals" find out there is an Anti Timmy league, they set out to destroy it!
Titlecard-Whos Your Daddy
"Who's Your Daddy?" June 18, 2004
Timmy Turner wants to go to Squirrel Scout Camp with his dad, but when he sees his father's lack of survival skills, Timmy wishes to be the son of his friend's fathers. However, every time he switches families, he realizes his friend's parents are even worse.
Titlecard-Boys in the Band
"Boys in the Band" March 1, 2002
Timmy is mad at Dimmsdale's singing sensation Chip Skylark for holding a concert on Timmy's birthday, so the 10-year old plans to hold him hostage using Vicky.

DVD Bonus Episodes

These episodes are also featured on the DVD version:

Title card # Title Original airdate
Titlecard-Chip Off The Old Chip
"Chip Off The Old Chip" November 21, 2003
In order to win the lead role in the school musical (in which Timmy only agreed to be a part of because Trixie was the main female lead), Timmy wishes he had the voice of Chip Skylark. Unfortunately Timmy's voice goes to Chip, and the singer starts to lose his fame. Now Timmy must get Chip to wish his voice back (to switch back voices, the wish must be made in the voice of the godkid).
Titlecard-Pipe Down
"Pipe Down!" September 26, 2003
After failing to complete his block version of the Eiffel Tower and after getting yelled at several times, Timmy wishes that everything was completely silent. But problems arise when a meteor is heading for Earth and Timmy can't wish it gone.


  • The DVD also features Butch Hartman's Favorite Fairy Disguises.
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