The Timmadome as seen in its only appearance
World: Earth
Additional Information
  Wished by Timmy Turner
  Everyone on Earth
Production Information
First Appearance:
  One Man Banned
Last Appearance:
  One Man Banned
Destroyed In:
One Man Banned (due to Timmy's horrible music)

The Timmadome is a massive stadium that Timmy wished for in the episode, One Man Banned. It encompasses all of the planet Earth. Its name is probably based off The Dimmadome.


When Timmy wished to be the best musician in the world, he started to become extremely greedy and fame-crazed. In madness he eventually wished for a stadium that was so big it would fit everybody in the whole world, so that he could have the biggest concert ever. The stadium was eventually destroyed, along with the rest of the world, when Timmy attempted an ill-conceived comeback after his magic failed, causing the entire stadium to collapse from his horrible music.


Cosmo and Wanda's wish first shifted the continents of the world together so they resemble the form of Timmy's face, and then everyone on Earth poured into this massive structure which had sprung from the Earth and was many times the Earth's size. It was colored purple and blue with a sparkling retractable roof. Inside the stadium were seats all facing a large purple stage in the center of the structure.

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