Time Belt
Future A.J. holding the time belt.
Uses: Time travel
Powered by: Unknown/Scientific
Additional Information
Made by:
Found by:
  Future Vicky
Future Timmy
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Channel Chasers
Destroyed In:
Channel Chasers

Time Belt is a belt that was used to travel through time by Future Timmy.


Future A.J. created this time belt by inserting a special chip into the buckle, allowing anyone who uses the belt to travel through time. If the belt becomes damaged, the person wearing the belt will fade back to the time they came from.


It looks a like a metal belt, but with a green chip in the center buckle.


Twenty years in the future, Vicky has become a dictator and has turned the world into a desolate wasteland. To stop her from ever taking power, A.J. creates a belt for time travel. After stealing a chip from Vicky along with Future Chester, he takes it back to his secret lab to use it to complete the time belt. Just as he completes it, he is captured by one of Vicky's minions whom takes the belt for himself and is sent back in time on Vicky's orders while A.J. watches helplessly. Luckily for him though, the minion was really Timmy Turner in disguise.

After using the time belt to emerge back in the present time, Future Timmy eventually meets up with his past self, and they successful stop Vicky from taking over the world, but not before Vicky damages Future Timmy's time belt, causing him to fade back into the future.


  • Unlike other time travel devices, the time belt was created with science and not Fairy Magic.

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