• can you add Chloe Carmichaels adult physcial appearance and the clothes that adult chloe Carmichael wears and can you add adult chloe Carmichaels personality from the fairly oddparents episode dimmsadle daze and can you please add descrptions and colors for Chloe Carmichaels sleepwear pajamas and can you add descrptions and colors for Chloe Carmichaels other outfits such as astrount coustume and bunny suit and burglar outfit and fancy digusie and hall montior uniform and Hawaiian dress and ketchup evedream costume and lab wear outfit and ninja costume and pilot costume and prehistoric clothing and slacker clothes also known as slacker outfit and princess costume and scuba suit and super sitter outfit and swimwear and squirrely scout uniform and color Carmichaels mermaid form on here wiki page here on this wiki page website when your not busy and when you have some free time thank you hope to hear from you soon☺

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