• I was thinking that when they start the new episode called Fairly Odd Baby 2, I was thinking that just in case that Chloe wishes for new fairy baby she wanted to see a girl fairy to have the new fairy baby. The Tooth Fairy will be the one for new subject. Since The Tooth Fairy married to Jorgan Von Strangle so I was thinking that this will be good and it'll be first to be having the next fairy baby in the universe. For this next Fairy Baby I was thinking that this time it'll be a girl name Jessica Von Strangle. Do any of you guys have any new ideas to add to it.
    Tooth Fairy

    Perfect Subject for this one

    20180919 111022
    20180919 111030
    20180919 111038
    20180919 111055

    This will be the 1st for the fairies.

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    • Niiiicee.I absolutely love it.

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