• Hi Pooka, since I'm here on wikia for 5 years, and I did 2,708 + 1169= 3,879 modifications (I'm AWC Italian and SpongeNickFan), can I have rollback rights?

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    • Hello there!

      I'll be discussing your Rollback request with TooYube and INeedAJob9. But in my opinion, I think you should explain why you have appeared under a third account with only 20 edits thus far. As it stands right now, a Rollback with only 20 edits isn't a good look for the wiki.

      So for now, if you want the Rollback role, you'll have to do three things. 1. Explain why you are under a third account, and if you would or wouldn't open a fourth account. 2. Make more edits 3. Stick around and don't quit the wiki for a few months at least. You have a history of quitting the wiki several times, so it would be appreciated if you can show you can continue working on the wiki both as Rollback and as not.

      I'm sorry I'll have to pass on your request for now. However, when you have done all three things, then you can ask me again for the role.

      PookaMustard 17:43, August 31, 2017 (UTC)

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    • 1. Because SpongeNickFan1200 is locked

      For the rest ... okay, I'll do it

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    • Now I do not have time because I'm contributing to SpongeBob wiki ...

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    • A Wikia Contributor ITALIAN's return wrote: Now I do not have time because I'm contributing to SpongeBob wiki ...

      Actually don't worry about having the time for the wiki. As long as you keep making edits every now and then and don't quit, you will be fine for a Rollback soon enough!

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    • Sometimes I come back ... if I do not modify much is because now, my passion for FOP has decreased ...

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    • Now, can I have rollback rights ?, I'm checking every edit of this wiki.

      And I promise I'll never leave the wiki again (At least as long as I have time).

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    • Hello! Sorry for the late response.

      I'll think about it in the next couple days.

      EDIT: Congratulations! You're now a rollback again. Hopefully you do a good job.

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    • A Wikia Contributor ITALIAN's return
      A Wikia Contributor ITALIAN's return removed this reply because:
      I lost interests for editing wikia.
      09:38, August 24, 2018
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