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    Is it Possable? 

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    • Yes it is!

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    • I made a fan-made episode called "Anti-Wanda is Done." here's the plot.

      The episode starts with Anti-Cosmo writing a evil plan to dystory Timmy on his notebook. Anti-Wanda eats it. Anti-Cosmo is mad. He asked if she can every be useful. It hurts Anti-Wanda's feelings. Anti-Cosmo doesn't care. Anti-Wanda said that she wish she could be better then Foop. Anti-Wanda then eats a pic of Anti-Cosmo. Anti-Cosmo feels that Anti-Wanda's stupidty wasn't a good wife for him.  He then said that he can dystoy Timmy without her. Anti-Wanda said "Good Luck with That." Anti-Wanda wrote a note that says: "I got you some food good luck." Anti-Wanda ate it before she wrote the note. Anti-Cosmo makes some evil stuff for his wand. He then calls Mr. Turner and asks him for his key. Anti-Cosmo goes to Timmy's room and try's to dystory Timmy. He almost pushes TImmy out of the window. However, Cosmo and Wanda use there wands to push him back to Anti-Fairy world. Anti-Cosmo then sees Anti-Wanda. He apolgizes for blaming Anti-Wanda and says that she needs her stupidty to help him dystory Timmy. Anti-Wanda accepts his apology and said "Sorry for what?". The two go back to their castle and the episode ends.

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