• Hello there. As part of my editing of the quotes section today, I noticed that there's not much consistency when it comes to how they're formatted. So here I'm going to explain how to do that in the proper way.

    First off, when quoting a character, start a new line with an asterisk (*) and then write the character's name followed by a colon. Then make the character name and the colon bold (either by selecting them and hitting the Bold button on your wiki editor, or by wrapping the character name and the colon with three apostrophes/single quotes ['''] at the beginning and end). Then hit space and begin writing the quote. Example:

    *'''Timmy:''' I wish I had something to stop Vicky!

    It will look like this when you post it in a page:

    • Timmy: I wish I had something to stop Vicky!

    If there is more than one character saying the same thing, you will have both character names with an "and" between them, and the colon will be after the last character. The bold and asterisk still applies.

    • Cosmo and Wanda: We're your fairy godparents!

    If you have three or more characters saying the same thing, separate each character by a comma, while the last character gets an "and" before them. Example:

    • Cosmo, Wanda and Timmy: POOF?!

    Secondly, actions are just as important. Actions should always be in parenthesis (such as this pair of them) and the contents inside the parenthesis must be in italics (by selecting all what's inside the parenthesis and hitting the italics button or wrapping them with two apostrophes/single quotes [''] at the beginning and end). If the action is done by several characters, a character who wasn't in the scene before the action, or environment, then the action will be on a new line, starting with a colon. Example:

    :(''Cosmo created a door, and Timmy's parents came in'')

    Which displays as

    (Cosmo created a door, and Timmy's parents came in)

    If otherwise the action is done as the character is speaking, the action parenthesis will be in the middle of their speech. Likewise if a character speaks, does an action, and then continues to speak. Also, actions should always start with lowercase letters unless they start with a name (then the name is capitalized as usual) and should always be in the past tense.

    • Vicky: And this is the sound system (she plugged in a cable), and this is the TV (she plugged in another cable), and I don't know what this is but I will plug it anyway. (she plugged in one last cable)

    Also, if the character starts speaking while doing the action, or is talking to another character who isn't mentioned in the quote, then the action should be right before the colon. Example:

    • Robot Vicky (while screaming and melting): Nooooo!

    For an example of how such a quotes section looks like, check out the quotes section of Power Mad!'s references page for how they look like with the guidelines applied. This will be the format of all quotes sections from now on, and for now the guidelines will be a forum thread until a proper guidelines article is formed.

    If you have any further questions, please comment below and I'll try to answer them.


    • Actions should be in the past tense instead of the present tense.
    • Updated once more for actions. Please re-read the actions section again.
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    • Thank You Soo Very Much For Your Responce ....Thank You Soo Very Much  For Makeing Me The New Admin Here. As I Love Downloading Recap's Images...  and Editing Them at  I  Well Due A Very Good Job Here Watching The Site...

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    • I've updated the guidelines so that actions should be always in the past tense rather in the present. It will be overall easier to write this way.

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