• Greetings

    I haven't been any better at maintaining the wiki myself. Complication after complication and distraction after distraction, my attention for the wiki has shrunk, unfortunately. Anyways, onto the news.

    I would like to inform you that TooYube is now a bureaucrat. Showing that he is more than capable of editing the wiki and that he's an admin to be trusted and relied on, I granted him the powers of the bureaucrat. Congratulations for the promotion! You certainly deserved it (and more).

    We will also have to say our farewells to DeviantPooper unfortunately, seeing as he too was a capable and reliable person. I wish him good luck on his endeavors wherever he goes. Thank you for all of your work thus far. If you feel like returning here, we will welcome you again.

    That's it for today. Have a good day, everyone.

    UPDATE: TooYube's first decision as a bureaucrat has been made. INeedAJob9 is now an admin of the wiki. Congratulations! For your promotion to be his first decision is an indicator of the potential he saw in you. Always keep the work up!

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    • Congrats TooYube on the promotion, definatley well deserved.

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    • INeedAJob9 wrote:
      Congrats TooYube on the promotion, definatley well deserved.

      Speaking of well deserved promotions, we need a second active admin since Deviantpooper is leaving and the wiki is active again. You will like what my first act as a bureaucrat is.

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    • I Love The Fairly Odd  Parents  Soo Much I AM Havey Active Too The Fairly Odd Parents. I Love Wanda Venus Winkle The Fairy. New  Adimin  Pooka Mustard  Congrats And Welcome Too The Club. How Due You Make People Admins Here. I Love Editing Photos Here Color Changeing Them.. At I Don't Never Want Too Give up.. I Am There Number 1 fan.Please Please Don't Cancle  This Site. Cause I Love Downloading images Here . Takeing Too Them As This Is My Hobby. My Life Long Dream Here. And Its Very Hard Too Find More Images At Google. I Well Never Ever Never  Give Up. You Can Always Find More Admins. and Fans. That Loves Fop. Just As Much As I Due. and Due I Still Collect  Badges Here......

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    • Congrats to TooYube!

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    • A FANDOM user
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