• The next project for Butch Hartman is the next crossover mini-movies from Butch Hartman's Fairly Odd Phantom short film and Jimmy Timmy Power Hour mixed together along with Danny Phantom's Ultimate Enemy episode and simular to The Fairly Oddparents' Channel Chasers but for this one will be L.O.S.E.R.S., League of Villains, Vlad Plasmius, Dark Danny Phantom and D.O.O.M. wotking together to take over Retroville, Dimmsdale, Amity Park and Petropolis and distroy Bunsen's hometown except Bunsen the Beast so they can become trans-damensional dictators of Retroville, Dimmsdale, Amity Park and Petropolis. Then The N Men, Timmy and Chloe, Team Phantom, T.U.F.F. rebels and Bunsen have to be able to beat and defeat the Trans-damnsional Dictators so those heroes will travel back in time to stop the villans from activate the Doomsday Device and distroy thier worlds. For the one's twisted future will be 25 years into the future. Timmy and Chloe will be 35 years old, Team Phantom will be 25 years older (Danny, Sam and Tucker will be 29 years old, Jazz will be 31 years old with the brains of 33 years old Valurie and Dash will be 31 years old, Danielle will be 27 years old and Jack and Maddie Fenton will be 65 years old), The N Mne will be 35 yeas old, T.U.F.F. rebels will be 25 years older (Dudley Puppy and his wife will soon be known as Kitty Puppy (use to be Kitty Katswell) and Keswick will be 45 years old and The Chief will be about 85 years old) and Bunsen will be 25 yaers older. T.U.F.F. rebels will be Dudley Puppy and Kitty Katswell aka Kitty Puppy, Keswick and The Chief only. Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Sparky and The Fairies from Fairy World will be in cages by L.O.S.E.R.S. in the dictator castle, Bunsen will be sad for the lost of his friend Mikey and will seeking revenge for Mikey's death, Amity Park will be nothing but rubel and Retroville will be living in the dictatorship ruled by The League of Villains just like the Tomarrow Boys episode but less like Libby and more like The League of Villains so those future version of The Fairly Oddparents, Danny Phantom, T.U.F.F. Puppy, Bunsen is the Beast and The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius characters will be visiting thier younger selves so they can change the future of make sure that horrible future never existed and they can start over with their lives. This new project for Butch Hartman will be very intersted to see what's going to be like if both Jimmy Timmy Power Hour and The Fairly Odd Phantom joined together in one project. I hope that Butch Hartman will be okay with it. For the Jimmy Fairly Odd Phantom project idea that I thought of will be the first of the T.V. movie trilogy and I hope that Chloe Carmicheal will be vry interested to meet Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius in person so she can get to know Jimmy ad possibly meet Bunsen finally as well as Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. This will be the new crossover sequal of Jimmy Timmy Power Hour and The Fairly Odd Phantom short film mixed together for Butch Hartman. The 2nd Jimmy Fairly Odd Phantom Power Hour TV movie will be called Jimmy Fairly Odd Phantom Power Hour 2: When Heroes Collide. The 3rd Jimmy Fairly Odd Phantom Power Hour will be called Jimmy Fairly Odd Phantom Power Hour 3: The Invaders. For the 2nd TV movie main villains will be The Junk Man, Princess Mandie, Katty Katswell, Vortex and Anti-Cosmo. The 3rd TV movie main villains will be King Goobot, Verminous Snaptrap, Birdbrain, The Chameleon, Skulker, Dan Phantom, The Nega Chin and Amanda from Bunsen is a Beast.

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    • Dont forget other too include next project of butch hartman like crash nebula,Dan danger,Imaginathan for example because they are all part of his work and the nick universe.It would be nice too see that too.:-)

      I like that idea of yours.You are a legend man,Your imagination has surpassed my wisdom and knowledge of liking this show,i serve your alliance and deeply touch your respect,and i hope look forward you have an amazing and good future life.In addition,I also like too request too include and add on of other of butches cartoon works like crash nebula,dan danger,imaginathan,and other of his other incoming and not included yet he has done so that the crossover whould be more awesome.I also thought of this of what if their is another evil timeline like where timmy became evil where he lost everything he loved and desired and made alliance on othe villains(And wish for an unstoppable power-on cosmo,wanda,poof,sparky-as his main godparents who also agreed on timmy's acknowledgement-too overflow him which he can adapat and improved everytime he fights similar too goku blacks advanced zenkai and does'nt want immortality and wants too fight only for justice and domination similar too darth vader)in his timeline and other timeline(Like the villains zoom or savitar examples in the flash series).Another thing buggged me what if their is also a vice-versa timeline where chloe is living in dimmsdale for the whole time and has cosmo and wanda for the whole 60+years before timmy came tooo his life(Which became an opposite of the story and theme song is all about her too instead of timmy cause i think that was great of what i thinked before).Lastly if chloe has a counterpart that is so evil in her timeline and teamed up with wicked timmy in that timeline(And was wish for immortality that nothing can kill her no matter what unless death force power erasure can defeat her)too rule the whole multiverse timelines and give justice of their humiliation and lost(Which will result in my thought too become evil couples-Like husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend-Have godly fairy powers everytime they steal and kill their other timeline counterparts that mades them stronger too,Similar too savage when killing hawkman and hawkgirl in dc universe too become stronger,Which i think that only the timmy turner in fairly odd movie timeline,The vice-versa chloe timeline,and the horrible future where timmy is a resistance leader adult ninja in emperor vicky's eyesight are the ones both too escape the same time,Similar how future trunks in db super timeline when he lost mai and escaped on goku black too seek help of the z fighters in the past-which i also thought of how well these could go on when these timelines lost the ones they care about,and go too the original timeline where timmy and chloe are in piece and too seek aid-help on them along with the others of timmys friends like danny phantom,dudley and kitty,bunsen and his friends,etc.too stop the 2 evil doers.And has a similar bit story like a goku black and future zamasu allieance story where they also learned an ultimate fusion back-up plan incase of their plans are falling apart-Which will result their downfallin the end).I also had this in my mind if what if timmy and chloe snapped in anger and awakened their true power when alll the ones they care about are about too die(Example their good counterparts timelines died infront of them when protecting the original timmy and chloe)-Achieving a higher level like ultra instinct sign too white hair complete too defeat their evil counterpart once and for all(If their is a time vault in fop similar to db xenoverse and the 2 evil fuse counterpart is backfiring,They will destroy it(Doomsday device)too ensure victory no matter what even if it causes them too die too.When succeded both timmy and chloe woke up in white space of nothinness,They were saved thanks too their omni-god instinct powers that has bestowed on them,and only see 1 history scroll has left and stop it from happening again-This is which is similar too demon god demigra in db xenoverse destroyed the time vault and escaped in the cracks of time too be save from the destruction of history but was stopped by the super future warrior hero ace from happening it again.I also think after they defeated their counterparts they restored peace in the universe once and for all(After the battle,They are restoring all the destruction cause by their 2 evil doers,all of timmys people know the fairies temporarily,and both timmy and chloe realized their feelings are something more than siblings,where chloe will propose to timmy ,With everyone of the fairy world and other character timelines shocked in a happily suprisedtoo be his official boyfriend,And a wedding day between them happened in fairy world and only a few days letter everytthing went back as they were used too be and all of dimmsdale and the fop universe never remember what happened of the chaoes that evil timmy and chloe did because timmyxchloe,All the fairires,And other timelines universe erased their memories too forget what happened that apocalypse day and wedding between the 2).Because that idea made me blew my mind and i wish you add that on yours and see the result cause it s so interseting.:-)))))(Intense happy mind screaming)

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