• Episodes have been airing out of order and there has been a lot of mix up with the air dates and the like, and lots of people are making premature edis to pages as they try to figure out information. There's no point in edit fights when nobody really knows the facts and this stuff is still far off. So I'm asking this from everyone to keep things less confusing:

    1) No more edits to the Season 10 page regarding US airdates until official Nickelodeon conformation.All foregin airdates can be added to Reference page.

    2) No more adding characters to Appearances pages until episodes are coming out in the US. Sharing from foreign airings has gone from  sharing info to spoiling the whole season. It's also to stop wrong info from being added to these pages (which is happening a lot right now.)

    It's still fine to add pictures to the Storyboards and Previews Gallery because that is coming from Butch himself.

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