• After talking with Lord Beckett on a matter concerning 120d, I am now considered in charge of the Fairly OddParents Wiki. What does this mean for you, contributors and readers?

    For one, it means that this wiki will take a new direction on every forefront that you, contributors and readers, think should be improved. One such major change is improving the wiki's various pages to be more mobile friendly, whether on the interface front or on the data consumption front. One step I've taken to this matter is removing the taber template on Vicky's page and replacing it with a single image of her. Expect to find such changes on every major page from now on.

    Another subject I want to bring up, is that TooYube has been promoted to an admin for this wiki. Congratulations on the promotion. You deserved it, and I'm very sure you'll be one of the best in no time.

    That's what I currently have in mind at this moment. If you have any suggestions or general complaints regarding the wiki, there hasn't been any better a time to make them clear.

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