• Ive noticed lots of time in the section, particerally the goofs part, tend to have really stupid shit in them, such as someone calling somthing a goof when its clearly just cartoon logic, like "he needs a helmat to breath in space" and pointless triva like "His name is Dave, this is referising the movie Meet Dave because they have the same name" 

    they get even worse, some not even making sense 

    Is there any quality control on this wiki at all 

    No one reading over edits people make making sure they make sense 

    How is it that stuff like this passes


    What does that even mean

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    • Like



      did I miss the refrence here or somthing


      Can someone explain whats going on here

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    • Oh, the Trivia pages are mostly pretty bad. The "Allusions" are 90% awful. Stuff like this is one of the reasons I joined. I usually go over pages to get rid of poor edits. I wanna do more quality control myself.

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    • I assume theres anon editing on this wiki

      maybe if we petinoned to have it so you have to have an account to edit things it would, at least slightly, up quality of pages

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    • That's a good idea. We should also up the quality of pictures posted. So much awful proportions and stuff that still has the video player not cropped out.

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    • Very much, yes, many of these pages are hopelessly filled with nonsensical edits and crap trivia. Part of it comes with the territory for a Wiki for a cartoon mostly browsed by children (at the very least, anonymous edits are no longer allowed here, cutting down on the amount of booger biters stinking up the pages), but I also lay part of the blame on the badges system. I've never really liked it, but people have begged me to keep it because they like the cute little icons appearing in their profile, so they make stupid categories, add a bunch of characters to those categories, add stupid trivia edits, and so on.

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    • I think goofs should be either animation errors (Timmy's bucktooth vanishing in a scene and returning, or Vicky having no pink lips for a split second before she has them again), or things that FOP establishes but breaks entirely as long as it's not a continuity issue (if Timmy can go to space without a helmet, that's not a goof, but if Timmy in the same or in another episode must use a helmet in space, then that's a goof). This is because while the FOP universe is similar to ours, it can't be TOO similar with all those fairies flying around and granting wishes.

      Continuity errors should be broken apart entirely into their own section. Different endings than Channel Chasers' also shouldn't be considered continuity errors as these endings rely on the way Timmy plays out his present. Stuff like Past Crocker having Sparky in Let Sleeper Dogs Lie but not in The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker! despite Crocker's past being set in stone (unlike Timmy's present) can be considered a continuity error. The general rule is, if it was changed in a way that doesn't make sense, it's a continuity error. If it can be changed AND still make sense (the endings of the series), it's NOT a continuity error.

      At least that's the way I want to see it.

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