A Wikia Contributor ITALIAN's return wrote:
Can you not block anyone and close this thread as none of these users seem to me to be a block? (Except for MichieruKat)

I have heard that TheOddtron is just angry with Captin Commet Blast for reasons I don't want to specify, however, WikiaIvan1997 is constantly asking you to block users, this is just rude, WikiaIvan1997, how can you ask an administrator to block a user only for a misunderstanding ?, try to be more patient and kind with users, we are here just for share the interest of The Fairly OddParents online with many peoples, so let them have fun instead of being so hard.

It's not my fault that they play that dumb "blame game". Coming up with fan theories is all fun and games until everyone starts blaming each other and accusing someone of being hacked.

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