The Zappys!
Season 0, Episode 7
Titlecard-The Zappys
Prod. Code: 007
Premiered: December 31, 1999
Wish: Wishing to see the age of 12 (made by Winston)
Written by:
  Butch Hartman
Storyboard by:
  Steve Marmel
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The Zappys! is the seventh episode of the Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts.


Timmy feels his tooth is loose. Cosmo asks Timmy if something is wrong. Timmy answers that his tooth is loose. He asks if they can prevent the tooth falling out. Cosmo explains that such a job is the Tooth Fairy's. Wanda hears and feels angry. She asks why she is the most popular fairy. Timmy says that the tooth made him famous so he can win three awards. Cosmo has never won anything. A letter carrier appears and reads the message, saying that Cosmo and Wanda have been nominated for this year's Zappy Awards.



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