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The Timmy Touch
Author: Kelli Chipponeri
Illustrator: Harry Moore
Released: June 21, 2005
Publisher: Simon Spotlight
Pages: 24
ISBN: 978-0689877179

The Timmy Touch is a Fairly OddParents storybook released in the Ready-to-Read series.

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Vicky, the babysitter, has sent Timmy to bed without any dinner. Timmy's so hungry that he wishes for everything he touches to turn into stuff to make a pizza!


Vicky sends Timmy to bed early without allowing him to have his supper, and he complains about it to Cosmo. When Cosmo tells Timmy about how Wanda once told him about a king who could turn anything he touched into gold, this inspires Timmy to wish he could turn anything he touches into food for a pizza. Cosmo grants his wish, and Timmy gets to work turning everything in his room into pizza ingredients. But then Cosmo accidentally bumps into Timmy and gets turned into a giant meatball. Timmy, seeing how much of a mess he's now made, asks Cosmo to change his room back to normal, but Cosmo, trapped in his meatball form, is unable to use his magic powers. Timmy wishes for Wanda to come help, during which he puts his hands to his face, turning his head into a mushroom. At that point, Wanda shows up (she had been at a fair during all this), and after Timmy and Cosmo explain what happened, she changes them and the room back to the normal. Then Vicky comes in, claiming to Timmy that she's sorry she didn't let him have dinner... and then gives him a moldy, disgusting green pizza slice with broccoli and fish skeletons for toppings.


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