• (Episode begins in Timmy's Room. Timmy sleeps in his pajamas.)
  • Timmy: (snoring)
  • (Alarm rings.)
  • Rooster: Cock-a-doodle doo!
  • Timmy: (wakes up in his pajamas.) It's Saturday!
  • (A party goes on in Timmy's room. It goes away.)
  • Timmy (in his clothes): You guys know what Saturday means!
  • Cosmo: Cartoons!
  • (Cosmo poofs as Tom and he chases a Jerry-like mouse.)
  • Wanda: Outdoor activities like gardening and bird watching!
  • (Wanda poofs some flowers and birds.)
  • (Timmy frowns at Wanda)
  • Wanda: Or cartoons...
  • Cosmo: (looking outside) Or Vicky. Wait.. That’s not a good thing. Or Vicky!
  • Timmy: No!
  • Dad: Now Timmy, you know you can’t come with us to the Mother Father No Kids Allowed Cookout.
  • Timmy: But it’s Saturday! Sat-ur-day! (throws confetti) We have a deal! It’s says here clearly and I quote: “Timmy will not never need a babysitter on the weekends.”
  • Dad: Well you’re right son, and this is a legal document, a really nice legal document!
  • Mom: And now it’s fishwrap, really nice fish wrap. Don’t feel bad sweetie, it’s just one Saturday. You’ll have a lot more fun here with Vicky.
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