The Fairly OddParents episode transcript
"The Switch Glitch"
Season №: 2
Episode №: 14B
Airdate: July 12, 2002
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This article is a transcript of the The Fairly OddParents episode, "The Switch Glitch" from season 2, which aired on July 12, 2002.


(Episode begins in Timmy's bedroom. Timmy sleeps in his pajamas.)

(A rooster crows and the sun rises.)

  • Timmy: It's Saturday!

(Cosmo and Wanda lift their wands. A marching band goes on in Timmy's room playing celebratory music. A group of cheerleaders holds up a bunch of signs saying "SATURDAY". Cosmo and Wanda poof them away when they finish.)

  • Timmy: [walks over to the fishbowl, now dressed] You guys know what Saturday means!
  • Cosmo: Cartoons!

(Cosmo poofs as Tom and he chases a Jerry-like mouse.)

  • Wanda: Outdoor activities like gardening and bird watching!

(Wanda poofs some flowers and birds. Timmy frowns at Wanda)

  • Wanda: Or cartoons...
  • Cosmo: [looks outside and sees Vicky peddling toward the house on her bike.] Or Vicky. Wait.. That’s not a good thing. Or Vicky!
  • Timmy: No! [races downstairs]
  • Dad: Now Timmy, you know you can’t come with us to the Mother Father No Kids Allowed Cookout.
  • Timmy: But it’s Saturday! Sat-ur-day! (throws confetti) We have a deal! It’s says here clearly and I quote: “Timmy will not never need a babysitter on the weekends.”
  • Dad: Well you’re right son, and this is a legal document, a really nice legal document!
  • Mom: And now it’s fishwrap, really nice fish wrap. Don’t feel bad sweetie, it’s just one Saturday. You’ll have a lot more fun here with Vicky.

(Timmy's Mom opens the door. Outside, Vicky is grinding an axe on a grindstone. Seeing she is noticed, Vicky kicks the grindstone away and hides the axe behind her back.)

  • Timmy: How do you know?
  • Mom and Dad: Well.... Bye! [they run out the door]
  • Vicky: Bye, Mr. and Mrs. Turner!

(Vicky hears a torque wrench coming from in the house. Inside, Timmy has sheltered himself in a makeshift bunker.)

  • Timmy: Stay away from me, Vicky.
  • Vicky: Oh, don't worry twerpy. I brought all kinds of fun things for us to do together.
  • Timmy: [leaps forward] Really?
  • Vicky: NOPE! [throws pile of shoes onto Timmy] These are my shoes that need to be shined. [throws bags of laundry onto Timmy] These are my clothes that need to be washed. [forklifts a pile of books onto Timmy] And this is my homework that needs to be done!

(Timmy pokes his head out from the pile of stuff on top of him)

  • Vicky: [pointing to her rear end] And this is my butt, which will be on that chair, WHILE I WATCH YOU DO IT ALL!
  • Timmy: And if I refuse?
  • Vicky: [pulls out tape recorder] Then I let your parents listen to this recording I made of you.

(Vicky presses the play button on her recorder)

  • Recorder: [Timmy's voice] Hi! I'm Timmy Turner, and I - [deep man's voice] cheated on my math test!
  • Timmy: I never cheated on my math test!

(Vicky pulls out another recorder.)

  • Recorder #1: Hi! I'm Timmy Turner, and I-
  • Recorder #2: Cheated on my math test!
  • Timmy: I'll get to work...
  • Vicky: Wait! [pulls out pink dress]

(Timmy looks frightened. Vicky reaches down to Timmy and quickly puts the dress on him.)

  • Timmy: I'm not doing chores in a dress!

(Vicky pulls out the two recorders again.)

  • Recorder #1: Hi! I'm Timmy Turner, and I'm -
  • Recorder #2: In a dress!

(Timmy sighs, and walks off to do the chores. Fade out.)

(Fade in to Timmy's room. He angrily tosses the dress onto Cosmo and Wanda's fish bowl and is now in nothing but his underwear.)

  • Timmy: Oh man! I'm so embarrassed.
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