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Quote by the character
The Robots
Gender: Male
Species: Robots
Age: Ancient
Personal Information
  Timmy Turner (Formerly)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Future Lost
IMG 1776

The Robots are characters that made their first appearance in Future Lost.



They look like regular robots. They have silver color and green eyes. When the Big Brain controlled them, they had red eyes.


Initially they served Timmy Turner but when it's revealed that the robots will take over, they became hostile to him and made Timmy obey them. When their leader, the Big Brain is defeated, they revert back to their kind self and they named Timmy as "Savior of the Future".


They played a main role in Future Lost. Timmy Turner was reading a Stevie Sparks comic book and he found it exciting so he wished the world would become futuristic like in the book. Cosmo and Wanda grant his wish. However Timmy did not read the book in full so he did not know that the robots will become evil and attempt to take over the world. So after the wish, everything became futuristic and the robots served Timmy in ways such as serving his breakfast, getting him ready for school and feeding him potato chips. Cosmo and Wanda also became robots. Chet Ubetcha however says that robots will take over. He is zapped by a robot and stating that they will take over and the humans need to obey them. The robots instantly turn on Timmy and demand him to do their bidding. Worse, Cosmo and Wanda are also hostile to him now since they are still robots. Timmy needs to find a solution to change this situation. He travels with Crocker to Antarctica to defeat the Big Brain. After he is defeated, his control over the robots cease and they revert back to normal. They praise Timmy as "Savior of the Future", and Timmy wishes everything back to normal.



They Are Robots

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