• It is revealed Sparky can time travel.
  • This is the ninth episode since his introduction in Fairly Odd Baby in which Poof does not appear.
  • This is also the first episode where Foop appears, but not his fairy counterpart, Poof.
  • Timmy broke the fourth wall when he said, "Ladies and gentlemen, my loyal dog, Sparky."
  • The signs Cosmo was tanning at said Poof, Foop.
  • This is the eleventh episode in Season 9 where Denzel Crocker does not appear in at any moment.
  • In the 10,000-year anniversary party, Foop was wearing the same outfit he wore in School of Crock.
  • This is the third appearance of Benjamin Franklin.
  • Cosmo is not wearing underpants in prehistoric times, like in Land Before Timmy.
  • This episode premiered in the Philippines on March 11, 2015.


Running Gags

  • Cosmo thinks Timmy is a bad kid.
  • Sparky chases squirrels.
  • Sparky warns Timmy not to say "fixed" around dogs.
  • Megan makes bacon puns.


  • Erg is slightly different in the title card of the episode. He wears an orange pelt in the title card, but wears a blue one in the episode. His eyes are purple on the title card, but blue-green in the episode.
  • It is unknown how Megan knew Timmy's name.
  • It is unknown how Megan knew Cosmo and Wanda were in Fairy World.
  • The iTunes description for this episode summarizes the show overall instead of the episode.
  • The Earl of Sandwiches refers to Timmy as "the boy wearing the feminine hat," but pink was not established as a feminine color until the 1940s.
  • If Cosmo and Wanda reached their 10,000th milestone in 2014, they should have visited their first godchild around 7986 B.C., instead of 50,000 B.C.
  • Since the original Da Rules states that fairies are assigned to the dominant species on Earth and Wanda stated in The Really Bad Day! that in her last bad day, she made the dinosaurs extinct, it is both unlikely that they have only been godparents for 10,000 years and that their first godchild was human.

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