The Million Dollar Spin
Genre: Game Show
Visitors: Vicky
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The Million Dollar Spin is a television game show that appeared in The Fairly OddParents television movie, "Channel Chasers".


This show is a parody of Wheel of Fortune, a game show where contestants earn or lose money by spinning a wheel. In order to compete on this game show, a contestant must be at least eighteen years of age.


This is the ninth television show to appear in "Channel Chasers", although the only person to enter the program using the Magic TV Remote is Vicky the Babysitter. While watching one of the contestants on the show, Jerry, pledge all of his earnings to charity, Vicky pounds the remote control in anger, causing it to activate and zap her into the television show in Jerry's place.

Although Vicky is about to be handed the millions of dollars Jerry won, the game show host points out that she is only sixteen years old and is too young to compete. Vicky angrily pounds the remote control again, pressing the fast forward button and aging her up to age eighteen. The game show host is then able to give her the money. Now realizing the true power of the remote, Vicky pledges to use it to get to Dictator Week to achieve supreme power and become ruler of the world.

Timmy and his companions do not travel into this program, as they were still in the program "Space Spectre" at the time.

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