The Meatflints
Genre: Comedy/Sitcom/Classic
Channel: 192
Visitors: Timmy Turner
Future Timmy
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The Meatflints is a television program that appeared in The Fairly OddParents television special, "Channel Chasers".


This show is a parody of the classic 60s cartoon The Flintstones, which involved a prehistoric family and first aired in 1960. The show makes references to a number of things that the Flintstones have such as cars "powered by feet" and a remote control "powered" by a bird who would fly up to the TV and switch it on. It also referred to the habit of animators showing a cartoon character or characters on a continuous "loop" background scene.


This show is the tenth show visited in "Channel Chasers", after Timmy Turner wished for a Magic TV Remote that allowed him to travel through television as if the programs were real worlds. Shortly after arriving in this program and Timmy suggesting about becoming a modern stone-age family, Cosmo aggravates a saber-toothed tiger, which begins to chase him and the others. Timmy and his fairies flee in a foot-powered stone car, but the masked man from the previous show continues to pursue Timmy and his fairies on a pterodactyl and orders Timmy to surrender, forcing Timmy to jump programs with the remote yet again.

Connections with The Flintstones

  • The pterodactyl and the saber-toothed tiger are based on the ones from the 1994 live-action movie version of The Flintstones.
  • Cosmo's outfit resembles Fred Flintstone's outfit.
  • Timmy's outfit resembles Bam-Bam's outfit.
  • The foot-powered stone car that Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda are getting into resembles the one in The Flintstones.
  • Timmy suggesting about being a modern stone-age family is similar to what The Flintstones are.

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