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  • Vicky claims to have made many enemies when she tries to identify who tied her up. They include her little sister Tootie, her third grade gym teacher, her old scout troop from "Scout's Honor", her ex-boyfriend Ricky from "The Odd Couple", her parents, Chip Skylark, her yoga instructor, and Mark Chang. Strangely though, Mark Chang continues to be in love with Vicky both before and after this episode. She is also shown to still like Chip Skylark in later episodes. The reason for Vicky being mean might have been either due to a bad case of jealously or for the fact that people were mean to her first.
    • In Latin America, Vicky's scene was cut.
  • This is the second time since A Wish Too Far that Trixie kisses Timmy (though here she did not know it was him).
  • This episode reveals how the Bronze Kneecap became The Crimson Chin's nemesis.
  • In Wishology, Chester was angry because Timmy didn't use his fairy's magic to save his mobile home from a twister, but this episode shows Timmy stopping a twister from destroying Chester's trailer. This might be because he didn't know Timmy and the Masked Magician were the same person.
  • It's revealed that full-time superheroes unintentionally create their biggest enemies (according to the Crimson Chin at least).
  • TV listings originally showed the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "The Krusty Bucket" was scheduled to premiere on July 12, 2019 on Nicktoons. However, it turned out to actually be an airing of this episode.
  • Innuendo: When The Masked Magician saves Vicky from the train he cuts her body in half.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Turner are wearing the same formal clothes from "Parent Hoods" and "Fairy Friends & Neighbors!".


  • The Masked Magician -This episode is named after Val Valentino's stage name.
  • Amtrak - The Amtran train is a parody of the Amtrak railway trains, as it is best known for having such large railway systems.

Running Gags

  • Some doves that were part of Mr. Bickles' magic act appear and start pecking at him.
  • Cosmo spinning stuff (mostly stuff that displays text on it) and Wanda telling him to stop that.
  • Timmy saying part of a normal magician incantation followed by "I wish.... (insert action wanted here)" and the action he wants occurs.
  • People not recognizing Timmy Turner as the Masked Magician, even though it's obvious.


  • The aces on Mr. Bickles' sign changed throughout the episode.

Production Notes

  • Although this episode premiered in 2005, it was produced in 2004 according to the credits.
    • This episode completed production in October 2004.[1]