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Wanda: The Great Bickelini!? You'd have to be deranged to think he's a real magician!
Mr. Crocker: [holding a Magic Detector] Hmm, top hat, tuxedo, magic wand, cape..... HE MUST BE REAL!

Wanda: [mocking Mr. Bickles] Oooh, a rabbit. That's original! BOOOOO!
Bystander: That kid's balloon is right! This is lame! BOOO!

Mr. Turner: Nooo! Don't go to the Dinklebergs'! Please! Their childlessness will be our downfall!

Britney Britney: [angry] Alright, I'm Britney Britney! I was four time celebrity search winner when I was still a fetus!

Chester: He's no magician! He's a SUPERHERO!
Trixie Tang: A CUTE superhero! [kisses The Masked Magician]

Wanda: Cosmo! Stop spinning the newspapers! I'm trying to read!
Cosmo: Oh, let me help! [spins Wanda]

Chester: Help! Help help! HELP! A tornado! And I live in a trailer park! Oohh, they told me this would happen, but I didn't believe them!

Vicky: Heeeelp! [The Masked Magician appears] Masked Magician! I knew you'd come to help me!
The Masked Magician: Who did this to you!?
Vicky: I didn't see! I don't have any enemies.... Except maybe my sister Tootie, or my third grade gym teacher, or my old scout troop, or my ex-boyfriend Ricky!
The Masked Magician: Alaca-I wish Vicky was safe! [Vicky is sawed in half]
Vicky: [continuing] Or my parents, or Chip Skylark, or my yoga instructor, then there is that Mark kid from Europe.

Crimson Chin: I think it's CHINtastic that you are moving up from sidekick to superhero, Cleft!
The Masked Magician: That's "The Masked Magician"!
Crimson Chin: Really? Because that's a DUMB name!

Blonde Lady: Look, up in the sky, it's a bird! And look down there, it's a bug! Oooh, and over there is a squirrel!
Unknown man: No! It's the Masked Magician! [Timmy goes to save the day, but he screeches to a halt when he recognizes the "Han-ker Chief]
Timmy: Mr Bickles, is that you?
Mr. Bickles: Oh come on! You figured out my secret identity AND you can fly now! That's just perfect, just perfect!

Mrs. Turner: Thank you for these great tickets, Timmy!
Timmy: Well, I know the star.
Mr. Turner: Ooh, having a child is great... FOR ONCE!

The Platinum Princess: Bickles! You might have ended my Las Vegas career, but now its you who will be cancelled... by the Platinum Princess!
(The Platinum Princess attacks Bickles, he jumps and hides in his top hat)
Mr. Bickles: My dream, ruined! Oh well, guess I go back to teaching. [gets attacked by birds] AHHH!

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