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The Feifers
Mr. and Mrs. Feifer
Species: Human
Personal Information
  Childless Adults
  Dimmsdale, CA
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Fairy Friends & Neighbors!
Last Appearance:
  The Masked Magician
Voiced by:
Phil LaMarr (Mr. Feifer)

The Feifers are a child-less couple that lives in the same neighborhood as the Turner family.



They are an African-American couple. The husband is muscular and wears a white shirt with blue jeans, and the wife has braids and a teal colored dress. Interestingly, the house they live in has the same front door design as A.J.'s House, although these are not his parents nor are they related to A.J.'s family.


Another episode they were in was Fairy Friends and Neighbors. They, like The Chamberlains and The Dinklebergs were trying to avoid the Turners due to the events being boring or will injure them. By the episode's end, all three sets of neighbors decided they should spend more time with the Turners because Timmy proved that his family was "cool" through the party he threw.

They are only seen briefly, waving to a crowd that gathered outside on their lawn to view the air show they were hosting. Dimmsdale was having a block party, and all of the families with no children were able to afford to put on the best shows, while families like Timmy's could not.

The Feifers