The Fairly Odd Parental Controls
Season 3, Episode 8 (of MAD)
Premiered: November 1st, 2012
(on Cartoon Network) December 1st, 2012
(on Nickelodeon)
Created by:
  Kevin Shinick
Story by:
  Kevin Shinick
Written by:
  Chris Regan
Kevin Shinick

The Fairly Odd Parental Controls is a parody/episode of "The Fairly OddParents", that aired as a segment of the eighth episode from the third season of the Cartoon Network TV Show, MAD.

In the sketch, Cosmo and Wanda (in different art style) advertise a fictional product called "The Fairly Odd Parental Controller", a remote that can hide what you're really watching on TV from your parents. The episode where the segment is in first aired on November 1, 2012, on Cartoon Network.


A boy and a girl are watching TV when their mother complain about what they're watching, and block the channel. Cosmo and Wanda appear and show them the "Fairly Odd Parental Controller", a device that disguise what you're watching and make your parents think you're watching something else.

Wanda explains how the remote works while it's shown the kids trying it out. Cosmo says there's even a USB port that allows you to upload your own images. The boy's mom sees him laughing at his sister's picture (but he's actually watching something on TV), and sends him to his room.

Additional Information

MAD The Fairly Odd Parental Controls

MAD The Fairly Odd Parental Controls

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