The Fairly Odd Parent's appearance on MTV's TRL
Season 4, Episode N/A
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Premiered: April 23, 2004
(It has just aired on MTV)
Art Direction:
  Bob Boyle

The Fairly OddParent's appearance on MTV's TRL was when Quddus (TV Personality), the host of MTV's TRL, interviewed Cosmo, Wanda and Timmy, during an animation special episode of TRL that aired on MTV on April 23, 2004. It was later released on the School's Out The Musical DVD.


During an animation special episode of MTV's TRL, the host of the show, "Quddus", turned into different cartoons forms to interview characters of popular cartoons. He interviewed Stewie Griffin, from Family Guy, Blossom, Bubble and Buttercup, from The Power Puff Girls and Cosmo, Wanda and Timmy from The Fairly OddParents. The "interview" lasted two minutes and went on in Timmy's treehouse.


The animated version of Quddus is inside Timmy's treehouse, he says that will interview the stars of Nickelodeon mega hit show, The Fairly Odd Parents and introduces the viewer to Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda, But he misses Timmy's name, calling him Tommy. Cosmo thinks "Quddus" is Lenny Kravitz. This is because in real life they are physically similar.

"Quddus" says that Vicky's evilness is bigger than the evilness of any other babysitter and mention Cinderella's evil sisters, then he asks where did her biff came from. Timmy answers that's it's because she's evil. Then the host asks Wanda a question, making Cosmo very jealous. Timmy says that the show is only about him, but stops talking when "Quddus" mistakes his name again, calling him "Terry". Then "Quddus" asks to both of the GodParents what would them wish for themselves with they could. Cosmo answers that would wish that "Quddus" stopped hitting on his wife, and Wanda answers that would wish that Cosmo could work out more. Then Cosmo gets an halter to prove that he is strong, but falls and hurts himself. Then Wanda grabs the halter and throws it away, "Quddus" says that she's pretty strong, making Cosmo even more jealous.

In an attempt to make "Quddus" become less attractive to Wanda, Cosmo uses his magic but stops by giving him a shirt where we can read "I Love Wanda" and a box of chocolates. It makes Wanda falls for him. Then "Quddus" says that Cosmo has no reasons to be jealousy, because he is funny and cool. It makes Cosmo falls for him! The interviewer asks Cosmo if the green in his hair is natural, he answers that it is and shows his armpit hair and back hair, that are green.

It scares "Quddus", that ends the interview.

Additional information


Guest starring

Actually, it's not a The Fairly OddParents episode, but was a segment of a Total Request Live episode. So Tara Strong, Daran Norris and Susanne Blakeslee were the guest stars on MTV's TRL.


  • Cosmo, Wanda and "Tommy"!
  • "Are you hitting on my wife?"
  • "Let me talk !"
  • "It's all about me,me,me..."
  • If you could wish for something, what would it be?
  • "That you stopped hitting on my wife !"
  • "That Cosmo could work out more"
  • "I can totally lift my own weight"
  • "Wow, you're pretty strong !"
  • "It's enough, take this !"
  • "...And This !"
  • "And take...THIS!"
  • "Oh, hi. I'm Wanda..".
  • "Don't be jealousy Cosmo,you're incredible cool !"
  • "Oh, hi. I'm Cosmo..."
  • "Is your hair natural?"
  • "You can bet !"
  • "I can show you my back hair if you want"
  • "Ok...Let's end it here!"
  • "Thanks Cosmo, thanks Wanda and thank you TOMMY !"
  • "It's TIMMY !"
  • "Back to the studio"
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