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This article is about the 2008 Vol. 1 DVD release of Season 6. For 2014 All Episodes DVD, see The Fairly OddParents: Season 6.

The Fairly OddParents, Season 6, Volume 1
Season 6, Vol. 1 DVD
Release Date November 18, 2008
Season 6
Running Time 225 minutes
Stars Scott Hamilton (Himself)
Jay Leno (The Crimson Chin)
Rating (US) TV-G (Canada) PG
Format NTSC
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The Fairly OddParents, Season 6, Vol. 1 is a DVD that contains the first half of the Season 6 episodes. This DVD contains two discs, including both "Fairly Odd Baby" and "The Fairly Oddlympics", as well as fourteen other episodes. It was released on November 18, 2008.[1]

As of 2014, the rest of Season 6 has been released on Amazon as a DVD and it has all of the episodes except for "Wishology!"

Offical summary

This is the official summary from the back of the DVD:

It's your wish come true! Volume 1 of the magically muddled, spell-conjuring 6th Season of The Fairly Oddparents. Things in Timmy Turner's life have become even more unpredictable now that Baby Poof is around. So stand back and duck! as Cosmo and Wanda conjure up a magic wand for Timmy. Poof *Poofs* Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda onto a real pirate ship and Crocker is endowed with super cheese powers! Be careful what you wish for!.



Disc 1

Title card # Title Original airdate
Titlecard-Fairly Odd Baby
"Fairly Odd Baby" February 18, 2008
When Timmy Turner wishes up a baby for Cosmo and Wanda to fulfill their never-ending desire to be parents, the Anti-Fairies and the Pixies join forces to use the baby's untapped magic to take over the universe. It's up to Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, and Jorgen Von Strangle to make sure the first fairy baby born in 1,000 years is safe with its new family.
Titlecard-Mission Responsible
"Mission Responsible" March 10, 2008
Cosmo and Wanda are exhausted from taking care of Poof, so Timmy volunteers to take over and give them a night on the town. The minute they poof away, Timmy loses Poof and must find him before Dark Laser can get a hold of him!
"Hairicane" March 11, 2008
Timmy Turner wishes for an indestructible luscious hairstyle so his dad doesn't give him anymore haircuts. The problem is, Timmy's hair is so good it has a personality of its own, and soon it becomes jealous of Timmy's friends and wants to consume all of Dimmsdale in a mass of hair! Meanwhile, Wanda brings Poof to the barber, Dr. Rip Studwell for a haircut, but Poof is resistant.
Titlecard-Open Wide and Say Aaagh
"Open Wide and Say Aaagh!" March 12, 2008
Timmy needs his tonsils removed, and has to spend time at the hospital with Vicky as his candy striper nurse.
Titlecard-Odd Pirates
"Odd Pirates" March 13, 2008
The Dimmsdale Pirates opening game is today, and everyone except Timmy is going. Timmy wishes he was at the game, but when Wanda lets Poof make the wish, they end up on a real Pirate Ship. And eventually, the pirates reach Dimmsdale!
Titlecard-The Fairly Oddlympics
"The Fairly Oddlympics" August 1, 2008
Timmy Turner, who is tired of being the "guinea pig" of spats between the Fairies, Pixies, and Anti-Fairies, wishes for a competition to see who's the best magical creature. Jorgen won't let any other fairy compete because he is the strongest, but after he wins the first five medals, Anti-Cosmo and H.P. knock out Jorgen. Timmy becomes the fairies' trainer and makes a bet: if Anti-Cosmo wins, Timmy will be his godchild, if H.P. wins, Timmy will work for him forever, and if Timmy wins he'll make HP and Anti-Cosmo do something really bad.

Disc 2

Title card # Title Original airdate
Titlecard-Odd Squad
"Odd Squad" May 12, 2008
Timmy wishes Cosmo was a talking car so that he and his fairies can search for the missing Mama Cosma.
Titlecard-For Emergencies Only
"For Emergencies Only" May 13, 2008
Feeling that Cosmo and Wanda are neglecting him for Poof, Timmy convinces his godparents to give him his own magic wand that can grant ten wishes. Wanda warns him to only to use it for emergencies, but Timmy quickly wastes all the wishes and chaos begins.
Titlecard-Cheese and Crockers
"Cheese & Crockers" May 14, 2008
On Happy Half Day where "half-ness" is celebrated, Timmy Turner wishes for a machine that lets him become half-Timmy/half-whatever, but it also turns a snooping Mr. Crocker into a cheese powered megalomaniac, who captures Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof, and uses their powers to fuel a magic gun!
Titlecard-Land Before Timmy
"Land Before Timmy" May 15, 2008
When Timmy wishes for a simpler world, everyone is transported to prehistoric times, and when volcanoes hit prehistorical Dimmsdale (Dimmsrock), Timmy has to find a way to power Cosmo and Wanda's wands before the city burns down.
Titlecard-King Chang
"King Chang" May 16, 2008
When Mark Chang celebrates his one year anniversary on Earth, he decides to go return to Yugopotamia and he marry Princess Mandie and become king while his father, King Gripullon, disguises himself as Timmy and goes to Earth. Mandie takes over Yugopotamia with an iron fist, but even that isn't enough, she wants another planet as well: Earth.
Titlecard-The End of the Universeity
"The End of the Universe-ity" August 11, 2008
After failing to destroy The Earth once again, Dark Laser decides to get Timmy to join his side instead by tricking Timmy into wearing a dark suit that allows him to perform actions Da Rules normally wouldn't let him use Cosmo and Wanda for.
Titlecard-Sooper Poof
"Sooper Poof" August 12, 2008
While Poof is practicing how to shapeshift, he is discovered by Mr. and Mrs. Turner who believe that he is an alien super baby that they need to raise to fight for justice and truth! Now Timmy Turner must find a way to get Poof back before his real identity is discovered, and Cosmo and Wanda cannot just wish Poof away because Timmy's parents have fallen in love with him!
Titlecard-Wishing Well
"Wishing Well" August 13, 2008
After Timmy wears Cosmo and Wanda out with over-wishing, so Jorgen von Strangle takes Timmy to a wish rehabilitation facility called "Wishing Well" to learn to be more independent and wish-dependent along with two other kids named Molly and Dwight, but the three are unable to cope with the conditions, so they attempt to mount an escape instead!
Titlecard-Wishy Washy
"Wishy Washy" August 14, 2008
Timmy wishes for a super car wash that rejuvenates everything that goes through it in order to repair his dad's old Striker Z sports car. It works, but when dinosaur fossils and cavemen go through it, Dimmsdale is in Prehistoric chaos. Cosmo and Wanda also go through it, and they are turned into rebellious teens, causing Poof to disappear since they never married or had him. Timmy must find a way to convince his fairies to act normal again to return everything to normal.
Titlecard-Poofs Playdate
"Poof's Play Date" August 15, 2008
When Wanda feels that Poof needs baby bonding, Timmy wishes that Cosmo and Wanda's fairy friends were babies by inviting them to his house under the pretense of a "pancake party". Trouble arises when Cosmo poofs himself and Wanda into babies to join in on the fun. Meanwhile, Mom and Dad want to bond with Timmy after watching a show called "Dr. Bill".
FairlyOddparents S6V1 f

Season 6 Vol.1 DVD case.



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  • A Volume 2 was released only in Poundland.
  • A sneak peek of Merry Wishmas is included on this DVD.
  • The entire Season 6 DVD was released to Australian audiences in Region 4.


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