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The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder is an American live-action/animated streaming television series based on the 2001 animated series "The Fairly OddParents" created by Butch Hartman.

All 13 episodes of the first season were released on Thursday, March 31, 2022, exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Nordics and Latin America.[1]


Picking up years after the original series ended, the new series will follow Timmy Turner's cousin, Vivian "Viv" Turner, and her new stepbrother, Roy Ragland, as they navigate life in Dimmsdale with the help of their fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda.


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13 episodes | March 31, 2022
Ty Turner uproots his life to reunite with his high school sweetheart, Rachel Raskin, in the colorful town of Dimmsdale! This thrusts his even-keeled 13-year-old daughter Vivian into a whole new world, and she’s not sold on the vibe. Her new stepbrother Roy is the pride of Dimmsdale, a sports superstar with a heart of gold. Lucky for Viv, her cousin Timmy Turner gifts her Cosmo and Wanda, the Fairy Godparents she shares with Roy, to help her along the way!

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1.01 | March 31, 2022
Timmy Turner is excited to gift his cousin Vivian his Fairly Godparents on her first day living in Dimmsdale. However, when her new stepbrother Roy accidentally witnesses the transfer, Viv and Roy are forced to share the godparents.

Family Dancing S01E03 Promo Image 01.jpg

1.02 | March 31, 2022
Roy and Viv turn the people of Earth into mindless dancers after wishing to write the catchiest song of all time as a way to save their parents' dance studio.

Kids with Statue S01E05 Promo Image.jpg

1.03 | March 31, 2022
Roy wishes that everything he touches turns to gold despite Viv's objections. When his "Roydas Touch" inevitably goes awry, Roy is determined to save the town from an angry wolf AND still prove his wish is still golden.

Vicky S01E04 Promo Image.jpg

1.04 | March 31, 2022
To prove Dimmsdale's nemesis Vicky is only mean because she's lonely, Viv wishes that Vicky would become best friends with the next person she sees...which is Viv. Roy then wishes HE were Vicky's best friend to prove Viv wrong.

Rachel S01E06 Promo Image.jpg

1.05 | March 31, 2022
When Viv learns of Rachel's past failures as a Cookie Scout, she wishes they could enter the Mother-Daughter Competition together. Rachel's extreme tactics get them into trouble, but luckily Roy and Ty end up in the perfect position to bail them out.

Viv, Cosmo and Wanda S01E02 Promo Image.jpg

1.06 | March 31, 2022
FLASHBACK EPISODE!: Viv struggles to fit in on her first day of school and wishes to become the Most Popular Person at Dimmsdale Jr. High. Roy learns that popularity isn't everything and wishes for a new best friend who will truly love him, Buddy the butt-biting dog.

Roy and Vicky S01E08 Promo Image.JPG

1.07 | March 31, 2022
Unable to impress her crush in the real world, Viv wishes Dimmsdale was like the show "Riverpound", where princes fall for girls like her. Roy spitefully wishes Dimmsdale was like the show "Action High" and ends up getting captured by evil villain Vicky.

Back on the Scooter Official Promo Image.JPG

1.08 | March 31, 2022
When Ty and Rachel refuse to host Roy and Viv's school dance at their dance studio, Wanda and Cosmo poof in The Time Scooter, allowing the kids to alter the past in 1996 as they attempt to change their minds.


1.09 | March 31, 2022
Roy unleashes a giant fish monster Codzillard on Dimmsdale in an attempt to convince Viv to stay in Dimmsdale after her best friend from Oldsburg tries to persuade her to move back.


1.10 | March 31, 2022
Roy does whatever his peers ask to win the class election, but when Viv calls him out Roy accidentally wishes he were a puppet. Viv & Roy wind up on talent show, The Dimm Factor, where Viv will have to help save Roy from losing Wanda & Cosmo forever.

Da Wish App.jpg

1.11 | March 31, 2022
While Wanda and Cosmo are off in Fairy World, Roy and Viv use Da Wish App to grant their wishes, until they inadvertently unleash a horde of Zombies in their home on Hornet Day. Just wait, you'll see.


1.12 | March 31, 2022
Vicky sets out on her evil plan to free Mr. Crocker and capture Cosmo and Wanda. Meanwhile, at odds over whether it's best to make wishes for yourself or others, Viv wishes for her own talk show to help people, and Roy wishes for a "Roy Day" party.


1.13 | March 31, 2022
Viv and Roy must resolve their differences and come together to rescue Cosmo and Wanda, and stop Mr. Crocker and Vicky's evil plan to control and take over the Fairy World.


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Producer Butch Hartman originally created The Fairly OddParents! in 2001, which spawned 10 seasons and 172 episodes. The series was announced in February 2021 that Paramount+ was developing a live-action reboot for the 2001 animated series, with Butch Hartman and Fred Seibert returning as producers, and Christopher J. Nowak serving as both executive producer and showrunner.[4][5] Production later began on July 12, 2021 in Los Angeles, California with the working title, The Fairly OddParents!. Also on July 12, 2021, the synopsis was released saying: "The series is actually meant to be a sequel, taking place years after the original series, with Timmy's young cousin and her stepbrother inheriting Cosmo and Wanda." Season 1 was announced to have 13 episodes, with Mike Caron to direct and a debut slated for later this year on Paramount+.[6]


Filming started July 12, 2021 at Burbank Studios in Burbank, California and in Los Angeles, California and according to Audrey Grace Marshall's Instagram post[7], filming wrapped on November 4, 2021.


  • This is the first Butch Hartman-related media where Guy Moon is not the composer.
  • This is the fourth piece of Fairly OddParents media to be in live-action.
  • This is the first piece of Fairly OddParents media to ever use a laugh track.
  • On November 8, 2021, just 4 days after filming wrapped, showrunner Christopher J. Nowak announced that the season would be released in March 2022.
  • Audrey Grace Marshall teased at a potential second season.[7]
  • As of February 2022, Daran Norris (as Cosmo, Jorgen Von Strangle), Susanne Blakeslee (as Wanda) and Carlos Alazraqui as (Mr. Crocker) are the only voice actors to reprise their roles.
    • Though Alazraqui appears in live-action form.
  • The season was filmed in Los Angeles, CA, from July 12 to November 4, 2021.
  • In an interview, Susanne Blakeslee revealed that Fairly Odder was a complete surprise to her and when she first read about the show, before coming back, when it was in pre-development, she thought, "Good luck to those people."
  • In an interview, Ryan-James Hatanaka explained that people could expect the series to be fun, wild, wack, zainy and full of heart.[8]
  • In an interview, Laura Bell Bundy stated that the audience will be surprised because of the wish fulfillment element saying, "Anything can happen, anything can go wrong."[8]
  • In an interview, Garrett Clayton mentions how Fairly Odder pays a huge homage to the original series, respecting many of its elements.[8]




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